my Goin' Veg zine

Not really sure what section this should go in, so move if you’d like to…

But yeah, I’m in ROAR (Raiders Organized for Animal Rights) at MTSU and I just put out some new literature called Goin’ Veg: an all-in-one guide to vegetarianism and veganism. It’s 28 pages and kinda snazzy looking.

You can check it out here:

It’s a .pdf file so you can download it and make some copies of it for yourself, or if you can’t do that and you’d like me to mail you some copies I’d love to! I’d just need a few bucks to cover shipping costs. Pass this along to friends! This would also be great for activists to get a bunch too.

I’m only 1 week raw so far, but there’s some stuff about Raw in it :) the Healthy Living section and in the Further Reading section. Hope you all like it!

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