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Grocery Bill, YIKES!



  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Kennyt, Yes Im a runner! I run every other day. I run much better on an empty stomach! I run early, usually 4 or 5 am. Im fasting right now, going on day 3 water fasting, tomorrow is a run day and Im stoked! The body is much more efficient on LESS food and calories trust me on that! Rob

  • roadrunner and durianrider—what do yall eat before and after workouts? durianrider i read your blog once and it sounds like you’re doing some hard workouts! right on man. im training for my first marathon so i’d just like some tips

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    kennyt, nothing before,and fruit after! :)

  • This has been a topic on my mind for some time now. I too live in Dallas and I shop organic most of the time. My grocery bill sometimes is 600 a month more or less and I also tend to buy high end olive oils and spoil myself a bit. My business deals mostly in cash so I usually pay that way and had not really understood what my bill each month on it till lately.

    Do you think food prices have gone up a lot? I do, I recently paid five dollars for two apples. Now they were honeycrips and huge but still that’s like 2.50 and apple.

    Soooooooo lately I’ve been trying to minimize how I’m eating. Yesterday i went to whole foods and got a pumpkin for pumpkin pie, a couple of yams for yam casserole, some lettuce and a few other things,my bill was like 26.00.

    I’m also starting a garden with the woman I board my horse with. I go out there once or twice a week anyway. She knows nothing about gardening and I know a whole lot, she’s got land and I don’t so it’s a fair trade off. LOL I know fall is setting it but I can still grow things like carrots, broc, lettuce, cabbages etc. My plan is start eating more of what I am growing and eat more of local and what is in season. I like idea of “Not what I want, but what do I have”, like that couple who started eating only local produce. They were saying that a person eating locally only three days a week saves the country a ton of gas.Who knows maybe eating this way will save me a ton too!

    I live up by Plano and to go to the farmers market downtown Dallas is kind of a pain so looking for one up more in my area. If you know of any up that way Calab please pass it on.

  • Bellasera, I live a little North of Plano. There’s a very small indoor market in Allen that gets all their produce from the Dallas market but I wasn’t happy the time I went in with the quality. Maybe check it out though. I usually shop at the chains that sell some local and organics (Market Street and Sprouts). I found Honeycrisp apples for 1.99 – 2.49 per pound on sale at Mkt Strt. recently. And even Kroger has organic galas for .99 cents/lb right now. I know these are chains, but just do what you have to do without traveling all over the metroplex in the car to find things.

    As for the cost of food: Simplify the menus – eat mono-meals; buy what’s in season; when it comes to organic – stick with just the dirty dozen; if you do nuts, stick with pine, sunflower seeds, almonds and sesame seeds; do lots of wraps in romaine; let avocadoes be your main veg-fat source; drink tons of water as your beverage (sometimes teas) and limit juicing. Make lots of flatbreads with flax, and ancient seeds like quinoa, spelt. Sometimes you have to tighten the belt and forego the exotics. Get a good supergreenfoods powder if you need to do things like that. You can get a quality one from Sprouts for a good price.

  • ways i’ve been keepin it cheap lately: -less nuts -less dates, more raisins -less organic -buy what’s on sale, not what you want (but i want everything so whatever’s on sale i want too!). today i got 2 pretty good-sized salad bags for $1.00 total when usually it’d be $5! -bananas and apples!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it SIMPLE-you don’t need much to get tasty stuff. with frugality comes creativity!

  • I just signed up with an organic farm that delivers weekly for $29 a delivery. At $116 a month I’ll be getting mostly fruit with some leafy greens. My first delivery came yesterday and I received 10 gala apples, 10 pears (2 different types) 3 red bell peppers, a pound and a half of grapes, a big bag of baby greens and 3 small red bell peppers. I figure even if I supplement with some luxuries (young coconuts, avocadoes and mangoes) I’ll be good.

    I have 5 pounds of almonds from Farmer Al’s and currently am stocked on all my powders. So I am hoping to cut back significantly on my food spending.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    omg, Lauren, that is awesome!!! I’m so jealous:-)

  • TomsMom – It is definitely awesome. I found them on Local Harvest and am so glad I did. I was spending probably $100 a week for less than I am receiving now, definitely. Even better I can tell them what I never want to receive and got to pick a mostly fruit option. They also have all fruit, all veggies, or a regular combination of both. Much more economical though for me, I was beginning to wonder how I could afford to become raw and eat organically long term. Answer found!

    Anyone interested in the Bay Area: http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com/index.php

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Ok The farmers market will be closed for the season so im switching to Azure Standard. They deliver once a month and theyre 100% organic! Heres my order for the next 30 days:

    38lbs Organic Oranges 30.60

    20lbs Organic Gayla Apples 19.25

    30 ea.Organic Avocadoes 39.50

    20lbs Organic Starkrimson Pears 18.60

    Total: 107.95 Shipping 15.00

    Total 122.95

    20 lbs Organic Bananas 15.80 from local store (they dont have bananas at Azure)

    Grand Total 138.75

    Per day for 30 days 4.63 a day!

    And this is a lot of fruit for a month! What I do is one week Im eating apples and 1 avocado a day from 10 am to 2 pm quantum eating. next week its oranges and 1 avocado a day next week pears and 1 avocado a day next week bananas and 1 avocado a day the avocado is the last thing I eat for the day at 2 pm this keeps me good and full till the next morning at 10 am! during the 10 to 2 windo you just eat when hungry, slowly filling up until 2 when the avocado pretty much fills you up nice and thats it! This way Im also mono-eating, and as far as the avocado I make sure I give it 45 minutes to an hour before I eat it. (food combining rule:wait 30 to 45 minutes before switching fruits) and an hour for avocados. Dont matter anyway,avocado mixes well with apples,pears,oranges, just not bananas,so on the banana week I wait an hour to eat the avocado. This works great for me and this is a lot of fruit! Buying by the case is the cheapest way to do it plus its ALL 100% Organic! Rob

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    I decided to cut the avocados down to 15 from 30 and have an avocado every other day. This gives me 19.75 so Im getting 5 lbs of Organic FIGS which is 20.00 so not much change, I think an avocado everyother day is best. I need the fats and if Im going to consume fats they will be healthy fats which avocado is the best! Brain function requires fats you know and nerve function. I have eaten as many as 3 avocados in a day, and did this regularly when I first went fruitarian and never gained weight from them so Im not worried about weight gain from anything I eat! Avocados are very very rich in many nutrients and contain the healthy fats we need. I just wanted to add figs so the best place to cut into the bill is avocado, I dont need an avocado every day! Rob

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I’d say my mom spends about $20-30 a day. we end up going to the grocery store every 4 days, but each time, here’s what we we buy:

    as many pineapples as are in stock (about 10-15)

    about 5 cases of concord grapes

    5 avocados

    (occasionally) couple heads of lettuce

    10-20$ worth of extras (sometimes, anything new or interesting)

    Roadrunner I agree avocado has the best and healthiest fat! I probably eat about half an avocado each day for dinner, with Himalayan sea salt and lots of pineapple and concord grapes. Do you eat salt roadrunner? My mom converted someone to fruitarian whose salt levels were too low, so she added a little salt to her diet. To me, sea salt feels toxic and damaging, and is supposed to be from polluted oceans with mercury and all this gruesome stuff, and I find Himalayan salt is as pure as can be.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Theres salt in all fruit, natural sodium, if it isnt natural I dont want it! All fruit has natural sodium. Rob

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Hmm, coz my mom tested someone’s blood and the salt levels were low on a fruit diet.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I am still eating out of my garden, so my organic food bill for the summer is around $275 for my self. During winter and spring it will be about $400. Getting a garden going is the best way to save those $$$. Also, dehydrating and freezing fruit and veggies that are on sale is a good way to go to. If you don’t know how to do these things it would be a good idea to get how to books on the subject. Just skip the pre heating part.

    I also buy my grains, some seeds and nuts from Azure Standard. This month I bought cases of fruit for drying.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Raw Kid, Natural is the way to go! If we were supposed to have more salt then there would be more salt in the fruit! The way I see it is this, when we were first put here on earth, there were no “nutrients” :vitamins”, “minerals” charts, standards you know, you think someone walked up to an apple tree, picked an apple and there was a tag on it with “nutrition information”? think about it. Nutrients,calories,minerals,vitamins, yadda uadda are all man made “standards”. Your mom tested someone and thier salt was low,hmmm,according to what? some chart or diagram man made up? everything we need is in the fruit we eat. I dont go by man made standards or so called facts man! Just eat the fruit everythings in there man! This is what I do anyway, what others do is their business. Dude, think about the 4 articles you just posted, the one on protein how we dont need that much protein and eating too much protein causes depression and sleeplessness! All the protein we need is in the fruit! We dont need man made standards or nutrition information,calorie data or any of that! I only eat fruit but if you get right down to it every edible food on this earth is perfectly balanced, just dont eat too much and make sure you eat enough of whatever foods you choose to eat. If we needed to worry about calories or nutrients the trees and planta would have nutrition information stamped on them! LOL! I have complete faith that the fruits i eat are perfectly balanced with all we need! Rob

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Yeah, Avo’s are expensive. I love them! I use 3-4 a week. I usually half them though and use them on two salads. I pay $2.09 per avo. I have seen them as high as $3 at Whole Foods. I think they are seriously overpriced there. I’m staying local.

    I was going to buy a mango yesterday but it was going to coast me $6 for one freaking mango so I decided against it. I was also bummed to see the price of bulk goji berries went up. They were .41 per pound now they are 1.47. I think they were miss marked before and somebody finally caught it. Oh well, but still cheaper than the Sunfoods brand by $2 for 3oz.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Roadrunner, my mom’s a doctor and sends patients for a monthly workup at a lab. Just by machines I guess, but by professional lab office. It is weird, though, coz I agree with what you’re saying!

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