Creating raw recipes in my dreams =)

So, I got a spiral cutter yesterday that can cut veggies in long spiraly strands smaller than angel hair pasta, and I had a lot of fun with it using carrots and radishes for a salad last night.

When I went to bed I dreamed that I spiral cut an apple. Then I made a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, cinnamon and a dash of salt and mixed it all up. Then I made little ‘nests’ with the strands and dehydrated them.

I wonder if those will be good… I think I’ll try!


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    How fun! Let us know how it turns out! Maybe I’ll be inspired to buy a spiral slicer. :)

  • My saladacco should be here in a couple of days! Whee! I can’t wait! Let us know how your dream treat comes out – it sounds nummy!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Well, turns out that in reality, apples don’t like to be cut into strands… Just got a bunch of mush and juice. Damn!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Bummer! You can try making apple pie instead, using the cinnamon and coconut oil maybe? Or a recipe from this site? And dehydrate to warm it up.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    You’d be better off using the setting that cuts into long accordion-like fpringy circles (turn the “teeth” downward so they aren’t in use). The shape will be totally different, but at least the apples might not get as mushy. Also, try to find a really firm apple type.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Annabelle77~ I think it depends on the apple you use as to the results that you get. Just as there are some apples that are better for applesauce because they break down easily, while other are better for pies because they hold up to heat better.

    You might have used an apple that is “flakier” and doesn’t hold up well. I’m not an apple expert, just know in generalities about some properties of apples.

    Happy experimenting.

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