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HELLO I am in kansas and not many raw foodies here in cattle country.especially in southwestern kansas. I have been working on raw for a very long time and am now ready to take the full plunge. I have to lose over 100 pounds well over 100. and need to hurry because of my health. I have tried and gone raw in the past for a few weeks and felt like a million bucks just in that short time. I am so eager to do this and want it sooooo bad. But I thought i had found the most perfect raw recipe site ( and i have been on ALOT) but now that I found this one i now know that this is the one i will stick to daily, the recipes look very easy. Just want to thank you all for building this site I just know it is going to be my life saver (literally). Anyone else from Kansas???


  • Hi Spanky, Glad to see you’re taking this step. Welcome! I’m not from Kansas but I hope you will be posting before and after pictures soon and having a lot of fun going raw! =)

  • Hi Spanky!

    I’m here in Kansas City! waves frantically I know KC is nowhere near you,if you’re in SW Kansas but if you ever get to the big city check this out, we actually have a Raw Restaurant opening soon! http://rawfood.meetup.com/197/calendar/5865790/...

    (I hope this website link works) Goneraw is great! I love how accepting and laid back everyone one is, (a different raw site I was checking out was pretty uptight about different “levels “of raw and even the mention of meat) There is a lot of loving, encouraging people on here. Good luck! Coleen

  • hey ya’ll. And No Way Coleen, A raw restaurant, in kansas LOL. I will b driving to KC just for that one. Yes I love this site. I can actually fix the recipes on here, and they taste great too. please let me know when you find out when the restaurant is going to open up. I am on day #2 of raw moveing from a SAD diet, and I am sooooo hungry got any ideas. thanks email sometime if u want. sara

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome Sara! Congratulations on taking the first step into the rest of your life!

  • Hey Sara I’ll totally let you know when they open! It took me a couple of weeks of eating everything in sight and feeling like I was never satisfied until my body adjusted. Now I don’t feel starved in fact for lunch I had a handful of cherry tomatoes & half a cucumber and that filled me up nicely. I ate a lot of avocadoes in the beginning to help fill me up, I threw avos in pretty much every recipe (if it called for it or not). If you have a dehydrator make up a batch of onion bread, it will help to be able to have “sandwiches”. Feel free to email me any time. Coleen

  • Welcome! I am from Kansas in the Kansas City area as well.

  • I am in Douglass. It does not seem like Wichita has much for the raw lifestyle except your typical fruit and veggie stand. Oh and the helath food store in Bradley Fair. I moved here from TN so I am still learning the area.

  • Hey; RAWmen; I know what u mean was there alot of raw foodies were u came from? Yes I Go to wichita alot even though it is 2 hours away. I am going this monday the 16th, and am going to green acres health food store, it is a pretty nice store, they ship things to ya also. I orser most of my things from united foods, once a month, just ordered a bunch of produce today will get it in next week, can’t wait. nice that walmart is gettin more things in that are organic, still they have a long way to go to really impress me. Well feel free to email me any of ya any time, I need all the voices i can get on this raw venture to wonderfulness. I am lovin it I still need a recipe for cinnamon dehydrator bread please anyone.

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