what is acai berry??

I was just wondering what on earth is this? I get dozens of spam mail about this. Also, I’ve seen a link from goneraw to a website where they are selling these. Anyone?


  • It may be the highest or next to highest antioxidant berry on this earth…. I just ordered freezed dried from this site… http://www.shop.optimumorganics.us/main.sc

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    waterbaby12347~ You might check with the company to see if they have measured the antioxidant capacity of their finished and packaged product (ORAC=Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity value). If not, you might not be getting an antioxidant that is active. As soon as an antioxidant is exposed to air, guess what… it starts attracting free radicals… just like cutting into an apple and it immediately starts getting brown. If one “preserves” the activity (like squeezing lemon on an apple), then one is actually getting a product with activity. Many products on the market have zero or close to zero antioxidant capacity because they are not harvested, manufactured, and/or packaged in a way that “preserves” the activity.

    Acai is very yummy. I have had it in a smoothie… my fav!!!

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    It’s a really really antioxidant fruit, probably the most rich in antioxidants of all fruits. It contains fat and is really very delicious, I find it tastes like real ice cream, and like fresh cream when unsweetened! (it is not naturally sweet). It’s okay freeze dried, but if you can, you want to buy it at your health store called Acai Raw by Amazon Mania. It is unpasteurized and they sell one with sugar and one without. It’s best to sweeten it yourself using a raw sweetener. I eat is as a treat – it comes frozen in packets and I suck on it. It’s really like an amazing dessert.

    To be specific about it, it is a very exotic fruit that grows only in the Amazon Rainforest. It is supposed to be healing for lots of different things – bowel problems and general health.


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