Seeweed, how much is too much??

rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

I’ve been snacking on Pacific wakame all day long, I guess I can’t stop eating it because of the stimulating crunch and the salty kick. I was wondering if anybody knows of any problems associated with consuming too much seeweed. I assume that the hight salt content could be an issue, but I also know that seeweed is very nutritious. Any thoughts??


  • I could be that you’re craving it because you’re low on iodine. I’ve heard of some Japanese developing thyroid problems because of all the iodine the the seaweed they eat.

    I’d limit it to a few times a week (after you get the craving out of your system.) ;-)

  • That’s whats great about goitrogenic foods. They have an opposite effect on the thyroid. If you feel that you’ve eaten too much iodine… try some kale or cabbage! There’s always an effective way in nature to balance things out! :)

  • Rawlizard, i’ve read in The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval that sea vegetables are great for you, however too much of them can cause your thyroid to become overactive, raising metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure beyond limits; also that too much iodine can contribute to acne problems. I love seaweed, especially hijiki, but after reading the book i feel it has to be consumed in moderation.

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