Cooking with olive oil

I have been looking for information about cooking with oil can cause cancer, but all I can find contradicts what I have heard. Could any one please lead me to the info. I need. Thanks


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hi beany beegan :)

    i know that oil that is allowed to burn, and oil that is repeated reheated and exposed to long periods of heat are extremely carcinogenic.

    oils that have a low burning threshold would prob become carcinogenic quicker, olive oil, sesame oil both have low thresholds, then veg , sunflower etc, the best oil if someone has to fry in my opinion is peanut oil, it gets to ridiculously high temperatures before it burns. I always used to use that and then add olive oil or toasted sesame oil for flavour only after cooking had finished.

    the thought of all that really makes me quite green in the face now ewwwwww

    does that help at all beany?


  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi beany…one article i read said

    Chemical changes in oil and formation of harmful chemicals: Prolonged heating results in formation of harmful chemicals in oil, one which is acrolein, which besides irritating the gut lining is also cancerous.

    if you “google” acrolein in cooking oil you may find the info you are looking for:)

  • Thanks for the information. This will really help. Some people I can tell and they believe me, others need the proof. I have figured out to many years to late. Wright down where you get the information.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    cooked fats really gross me out. i could see myself eating cooked veg if i really had the craving, but wheat? NO cooked fat? NO WAY

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