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Grezzo keeps me in line

So I’m kind of new to the raw thing (my girlfriend turned me on to it, but she’s kind of new too), and in the beginning I was having a hard time quieting my wicked sweet tooth. We’ve only just started saving up for a dehydrater, and I’ve tried raw brownies but you can only have so many brownies, yeah?

I found the perfect solution: while I can’t afford an ice-cream-maker myself, there’s a spot in Boston that has one, and they make exclusively raw, vegan ice creams with it and they ship those anywhere! I found Grezzo one day while trolling Alissa Cohen’s site, and apparently they just started shipping their stuff. We immediately ordered six pints of their ice creams, and let me tell you how amazing they are! Not only are they healthy, but the flavours are so rich and authentic! And what’s best about all this is that having the ice creams in my freezer has inspired me to experiment with all sorts of accessories and serving options. One thing I tried the other day was using the High Country Wild Root kombucha and making me and my girlfriend some raw root beer floats! Delicious!

They also ship their cheeses (which we’ll be ordering next time, to see if they can even compare to the amazing ice cream), and while it’s not cheap, the ice cream arrives perfectly on time and completely frozen, packed in a cooler with dry ice, so you don’t have to worry about getting a soupy product.

Just wanted to share about this…it’s been a great helper on my journey into raw, so I thought maybe it could help other people out too.


  • BTW: here’s their site:


    Check out the “To-Go” section. Or call them (857) 362-7288

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Cool…I can’t wait to order their Boursin cheeze taste-alike. Supposedly, it really DOES taste like Boursin cheese – texture and everything – which I am pumped about because I was nuts about the actual Boursin cheese back in my SAD days. If I can have Boursin cheese again without the dairy, then my life will be complete. I’m gonna order it plus some ice cream for my birthday.

    And for my 1 Yr Raw Anniversary around the same time (January), I’m going to go to Grezzo. I live only about twenty minutes away, but I haven’t visited yet.

    I’m glad it’s helped you stay raw.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    wow I just looked at their menu, it looks amazing. I’ll be living in Staunton, Virginia soon, is that a drivable distance??

  • Zoe, it’s more like a “flyable” distance. It would probably take you about a day to drive up there. If you want to see more of the States, though, it might be a very enjoyable trip.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Thanks Mon, I think I will. I’m planning on a tour of Eastern raw restaurants ;)

  • I haven’t been to Grezzo yet either, but I’m dying to go! I work right outside of Boston and we go into the city quite a bit for Sox games and such. Just haven’t made it there yet! Looks fabulous and everyone I’ve talked to that has gone there has said it’s amazing!

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