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Halloween costume

I was thinkin’ about goin’ as David wolfe, or maybe Gabriel Cousens? Hhahah j/k. My niece is having her b-day party this weekend, and she wants everyone to dress up cause she LOVES Halloween. I’m probably goin’ as a surfer.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I can put on my nose and/or cheeks to simulate sun screen? I was thinkin’ about makin’ somethin’ from nuts err..? I don’t want it to melt though, hehe. Oooo maybe chia seed gel mixed with…..?


  • hmmmm. I’d suggest almonds, if you can find them truly raw, mixed with actual white zinc sunscreen. That might be persuasive. And tastier than pure sunscreen, just in case someone decides to lick your nose and/or cheeks. or where ever.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I love Halloween too. My favorite holiday. This year I am going to be Chewbacca (although a rather short one – so more like Lumpy – Chewies kid). I have the mask and I have to make my fur suit and bandolier yet. :)

    Last year I was a swamp woman. I kinda looked like seaweed actually. :)

    Lagston – You want it to look like you have that “surfer sunblock” look? I would think that shea butter would work. It is raw and natural and it yellow colored so it totally looks like sunblock. It is thick too so it will stay on and it is super moisturing so you can just rub it in later. It is pretty heavy so I don’t think it will melt.

    If you check out the pictures of costume party on David Wolfes site – those raw foodists have some crazy costumes.

  • Hmmm, shea butter huh!? I’m headin’ to Whole Foods today, so I’ll see if I can find some there. Thanks!

  • Ahhh Halloween. One of my favorite holidays!! Hey if anyone has costume suggestions for me, I would appreciate it! I have 6 roommates (so 7 of us total) and we’re all girls. Does anyone have any theme ideas (movies, TV shows, stuff that comes in groups of seven..) so we can all dress up as something together? We’re having trouble thinking of things…

  • iluvlife: I hate to state the obvious, but what about the 7 dwarfs….

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    iluvlife~ There is a star constellation that is called “The Seven Sisters.” How about 6 of you going as the 6 dots on dice with the seventh a single dice? How about 6 of you going as a major color on a color wheel (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple) and the 7th as black and/or white? 7 virtues? Y’all can go as the seven-year itch. ;)

  • iluvlife: or the seven deadly sins;)

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    you could go as the days of the week… but you’d have to get pretty creative. Wednesday (hump-day) would be a good one!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Wow, seven girls…hmm. Maybe seven women superheros? Make up a few since maybe there aren’t really seven women superheros (we should change that). You could be raw food girls – Cacao Chick, Goji Girl, Maca Mamma, etc… Not sure about the costumes for those though.

    How about being a bunch of fruits? Like all citrus or something?

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    lol i’m still a kid, i’ll be dressed as some scary skeleton or monster. Haven’t decided yet.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    hmmmm… i like the 7 deadly sins idea! I do miss halloween~ it’s too bad that once people hit the teenage years the costumes become all about how little you can get away with wearing! We always made our own costumes as kids. most pre made ones smell like plastic and are way overpriced!

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    I love it! Halloween is so much fun, it’s too bad growing up tries to take the fun away. I’m in University, so I think drinking ranks higher here than dressing up and trick-or-treating (oy.) I’m still celebrating- was there anything more fun than carving pumpkins and getting all dressed up? I was thinking of being something like Tinkerbell! Or something else fairy-tale themed. iluvlife, you guys should go as seven Disney princesses!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    go as the fruit of the loom bunch! My mom still dresses up at work on halloween… she went as a bunch of red grapes~ it was hilarious! Or you could go as carmen miranda, and make your costume out of edible fruits~

  • borisbo12borisbo12 Raw Newbie
    edited November 2022

    This year I went/I'm going as Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. Looking for new ideas for 2023

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