got the whole family to go raw!

I got my dh and my 4 dc to go raw. Check out my blog for the rest of the story. Check back for updates. I update just about every other day.


  • WOW congratulations!

  • Thank you. It’s been really great to see them all feeling happier. They are struggling a little bit with their peers making fun of their foods. They are a sensitive group (lol) and they are only 8,10,10-so peers are incredibly important right now, and individuality IS NOT a common trait at this age, nor is it embraced in anyway. BUT 1 good thing is that we live in a small rural town. Most people here don’t even know what a vegetarian is, let alone a RAW VEGAN. This is a hunting and fishing community. People fly the confedrate flag-even tho this is the NORTH EAST. (rednecks! LOL!) But despite all of that one of my 10 yo twins went vegetarian last year, and then vegan a few months later. He was already gluten and dairy free, curing himself of autism (PDD-NOS), then went back to his roots of vegetarianism (he was veggie for his first 5 years). Then one day I was cooking eggs for the rest of the family and he said “I don’t eat eggs.” and I said “Okay, but you always have before, so what’s changed for you?” and he just cocked his head to the side and stared at me and said “Think about where they COME FROM mom! They come out of a chicken’s BUTT!!! Why would anyone want to eat something that comes out of a BUTT????” BWAHAHAHA! Gotta love my lil’ independant thinker, eh?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Awesome. I checked out your blog… and read it all. That is a great idea about the $10 for each of your children to buy whatever (raw) they wanted. And …wow, Abe is focused on the game. It’s got to be the food. ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks. I will be posting another update later today. :)

  • Hey Zaphirah, that’s great!! Seriously, it’s a real accomplishment to change the paths other people are on, even if they’re in the family. So, good for you!! And honestly, considering what your family has overcome (autism, etc) and their willpower – damn, your family kicks ass. :o) (I also love your URL name for your blog – lol).

    My boyfriend knows that I try adhere to a raw diet, and when he first found out (I tried to hide it, but he figured it out), he insisted that if I just try “his diet” (meat, fast food, beer, gelato, dry pasta noodles ewww LOL) for a week, I’ll never turn back. I took on the challenge (‘cause I’m a fighta like that lol), but ONLY under the condition that he had to try MY diet the very next week. Needless to say, we both felt like shhit. I don’t know how you did it, but c’est la vie. I’ll worry about what I eat. If my bf wants to eat crap, then it’s his problem.

  • Thanks. it has been a long journey from the pits of Hell (seriously) to a pretty decent life up here on Victory Hill. :)

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