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book review

There are a lot of raw books out there and sometimes it is hard to know which ones will be just a repeat of what you can find online. So far, i thought David Wolfe’s Sunfood Diet Success System covered just about everything. i think it is a must-have. But i was really dissapointed when i purchased Angela Stokes e-book on juicing only to find basic facts that i could have found on the internet. If the book were more like $8-11, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But i paid $20 for a 60 page e book and starting on page 30something, it only contains her blog which you can read on her web site. Come on! i’m happy that she found success, but i have to say, that book was a rip off. i would like to hear which books were more in depth and helpful to others.


  • I love 12 step to raw foods, Victoria Boutenko.I never went on a web site for her blog.I lend one from Natalia Rose to my sister in-law because she is not so hard core like she still eat fish, so I dont recommend it for the hardcore raw vegan. Love to all

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I was disappointed because i desperately want to get Gabriel Cousens book (Rainbow living… ) but my library dosn’t have it. I keep searching ebay, but with shipping i might as well just go get it. So, next time i get a borders coupon, that’s gonna be my gift to myself :) When i get it, i’ll let you know!

    I did have Natalia Rose’s Detox Diet book and thought it was great when i was first starting out as being raw. I have allergies, so i didn’t do the in-between stage, i just jumped right into raw. But, i thought she had some good thoughts and ideas for those just starting out.

    I’ve found that each un-cook book has it’s own little things that i love. I love that Sarma and Matthew’s book explains what all of the ingredients are and where to find them and what their benefits are… I tend to go browse the cookbooks and get a feel for their ingredients (one raw chef mainly uses the same ingredients throughout… some use cashews, others refrain… some use coconuts, others don’t, etc…). If i like the ingredients and know it’s easy to find, i’ll generally buy it. Sarma and Matthew’s book is gorgeous but impracticle for someone who has to cook for their family and make something in under 10 minutes… that’s why i like Bryan Au’s book – all of it is under 10 minutes! So, again, each book has it’s own good and bad… i’d try borrowing them from your library first and seeing how you like it. Sorry if i didn’t help much…

  • Hi, seed!

    Rhio’s book “Hooked on Raw”is awesome & my emotional favorite – and Gabriel Cousens’ “Conscious Eating” is my “go-to” for the most in-depth info. Those would be my recommendations for essential reading.

    I don’t know that anyone really needs ANY books, tho I completely understand wanting them.I admit,I have stacks of books! I have an unwholesome interest in reading about food. I really like Roxanne Klein & Charlie Trotter’s book, “RAW”, which is pure haute cuisine, albeit raw. (I used to dine frequently at Trotter’s while in Chicago, on expense account, ah – those were the days…) Juiliano’s book is sumptuous, beautiful & inspiring, but not particularly “deep”. I have a shelf & 1/2, I could go on…

    I love to read all the books, just like I’m enjoying reading all the complex blended & dehydrated recipes on this site, but in reality,- I just try to keep it pretty simple. A bowl of chopped tomatoes with oregano & lime. A mango. An almond milk, banana, cherry, maca, ground flax & raw cacao smoothie is about as complex as I typically get.

    Reading about food & preparation is loads of fun, but when actually preparing & eating, the simple is mostly better – from a time, pocketbook & also taste & health standpoint. You don’t need a lot of books, unless you just purely enjoy them (I do). Eat as close to the ground as you can. If you need in-depth info, read Cousens, If you feel you need recipes, come to goneraw.com!

    Relax! Keep it simple!

    That’s my two cents, anyway…

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Only a shelf and a half redemma?! I had to buy a whole bookcase for all my recipe books. Most of them are vegan/veggie and now quite a few raw ones too. I have about 3 which have meat or fish recipes in. I love reading recipe books and looking at the pictures in them.

    I agree with Carrie6292 that most books have there own little bit that makes them different from others. My first raw book was Kate Wood Eat Smart Eat Raw which has lots of things that I could make without getting special ingredients and is written from the UK point of view which helps me a lot!

    I don’t know if you have a credit card or anything which gives points Carrie6292, but I have just got Real World Raw Food for free – just using points from my Nectar Card/American Express (Nectar). They give points each time you spend on it so the book was bought from things like my car service and eye examination! My other credit card gives points and I can get vouchers for different shops with them. We usually save them up and use them towards buying Christmas presents. Also I don’t know if you have an American version of bookbrain.co.uk – it searches all the sites selling the book you want and lists them in order of price including shipping. Sometimes you can get the book cheaper with shiping than if you went out and bought it.

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