Tips on blender usage?

I just got my Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu in the mail a few days back and have been experimenting with it a little bit. It’s not as powerful as the 2hp+ blenders, but it packs a solid punch for the price. The main things I intend to use the blender for are green smoothies and “mylks”. This is my first blender and I want to know how to prepare foods properly.

I’ve made some good smoothies, but the texture has been inconsistent. Either too runny, too thick, or too foamy. I don’t believe it is the blender’s fault, but more of the time & liquid factor. What do you guys suggest for general time settings, liquids:solids ratio, and other blending tips to make proper smoothies? Is there any way to control the amount of foam?

That would be awesome if my green smoothies could have the consistency of those bottled Odwalla/Naked/Bolthouse smoothies (a bit thinner would be fine too). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can give me some pointers. Especially those who have had experience with a comparable model.


  • You can go to and find a lot of recipes of green smoothies on their previous newsletters. If you want regulate thickness of your sm do it by adding more or less liquid. Bananas or pumpkin will make your sm creamier, thicker and less foamy.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    If you want it thinner you can try adding more liquid, or even straining the mix through a nutbag to get out chunks and the like.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Part of the “trick” to a smooth smoothie may be in the order you “load” the blender. I start with something raw and soft (banana, avocado, etc.) and add some juice. Then add something green and leafy (like spinach). Frozen fruit makes up my top layer. I start with minimal juice and add a little more if needed for consistency. If it’s too runny, add more frozen fruit. I got my load order ideas from the recipe section of

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