sprouting mixed beans?

juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

I recently purchased a bag of mixed beans and want to sprout them all for a bean salad, however, I am unsure if you can sprout different kinds of beans at once? I assume not, because they all have different time lengths needed to be sprouted?


  • It would be better to do each one separately, or at least divide into size categories. Each bean will have its own soaking time and sprouting/harvesting time. Stay away from sprouting kidney beans, though. They are toxic when sprouted. Are your beans organic? You’ll have a better success rate if they’re organic and from a reputable source. Really old beans are often too old and don’t respond even after lengthy soaks. Search “sprouting” on the internet to find lists of soak and sprouting times for all kinds of seeds and grains, plus instructions for harvesting. Good luck!

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