Headaches and Joint Pain

Hey everyone.. I have been getting headaches lately due to a medication that I unfortunately need to be taking for a health condition. Any suggestions as to how to make this subside?

Also.. another side effect I have been experiencing is mild joint pain. I think flax oil may be a good idea but does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks a lot.


  • If you don’t mind sharing, what is your medical condition and what is the medication???

  • I have joint pain in my right elbow. Aside from strengthening the surrounding muscles to help ease the strain on the joint, my chiropractor suggesting eating gelatin, which is an animal product. I asked if there were any veg alternatives and he suggested I try horsetail grass, which is available in vegetarian capsule form. It’s worth a try! You’ll have to inquire as to whether the ingredients are raw. I suspect not, but if it gives you relief, it might be worth it.

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