Saludos, hi from Costa Rica


I have been enjoying the recipes and threads of this site for a while now, it is a great place here.

I have been raw for six months, now trying to follow 811rv, still experimenting how my body works. Lost about 30 pounds since I started eating raw, and I feel so good. I have been vegetarian, almost vegan, for three years before going raw.

What else? I live in Costa Rica with my family so I eat lots of tropical fruit, only simple raw food (i mean no “superfoods”) and few nuts because those are so expensive here. Unfortunately nothing is organic in the area where I live :( (well yes there is, cheese but I don’t eat it anymore, and canned condiments). I am a mum of two boys, with no hope to convert them raw, nor the dad. And I was born in France this is why my English sounds weird sometimes.

See you :o)


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Welcome superpapaya~ Costa Rica, oh my how I want to visit your country!!! The produce has to be wonderful and much cheaper than here in the U.S.

    You have been so lucky to loose 30 pounds, I know I could stand to get rid of at least that much if not more… However I eat too many seeds and nuts to make that happen… My hat is off to YOU for your sucess!!! By the way, your English is awesome…

    Here’s to your great health!!!

  • Thank you waterbaby :)

    I think I lost a lot of weight because when I started eating raw I also stopped to eat bread and all cooked starch, I also suppressed the milk in my coffee since I don’t drink coffee anymore. I used to have almond butter and honey or any sweet jam on my home-made whole bread at breakfast (french style! except the French have dairy butter and white bread traditionally)... so so bad! and I thought I ate healthy in those times lol

  • Oh and also I believe I didn’t eat enough during the first months of eating raw, which is bad… Now I am more careful with the calories, and I eat a lot of fruit otherwise I crave fats or cooked rice.

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