Hey, I read somewhere on here that you work at Whole Foods.

I’m thinking about working there over the winter into the spring and summer. I have a question (you don’t have to answer if you think I’m being too person or anything – I don’t mean to pry, lol):

Do you ever have access to the excess produce that they throw away?


  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey! Questions don’t bother me one bit. :-)

    As for the extra produce – YES, I CAN have access to it and claim it if I manage to intervene. They cull the produce department all day and throwing it away is NORMAL so I have to inform all the produce guys to save me the stuff they intend on tossing. Bananas and apples are the most common – I have gotten an entire case of perfectly ripe bananas all to myself before, hehe.

    I’m also in the Floral Department; so I keep an eye on the produce department all day, and if I notice that they are culling the selections, I just wait until they are done and they approach them about taking the produce. Seems to work pretty well; no sense in wasting good food!

  • Wow, great! Thanks so much! Also, do you like working there? LOL – I guess that is just as important to know.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yes, I actually do enjoy it. Part of it is because I work with flowers and I like doing that, but Whole Foods in general seems to be a pretty generous employer. My store is HUGE, so there is a lot of diversity in the workplace, the managers are all fair and compassionate people; real human beings.

    Of course, there are some not-so-nice people too, but you can find those anywhere. :-) Overall. I am pretty happy with working there. I get a 20% discount on produce which is very nice – but I still have gotten to the point where I order my produce in bulk in combination with another person from a natural foods store instead of Whole Foods just because it’s cheaper.

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