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Juicing Greens

Hello all! Sorry if someone has already posted this in the past, but I have a question regarding juicing greens. Every time I try and juice spinach the juicer just shoots it out the other end….. :( We have a brand new Jack Lalanne Juicer. Does anyone else have this problem?? How do you go about juicing your greens?


  • I don’t have a good juicer for greens either, so I just usually put them in smoothies. A little bit of water and some greens you are good to go. Although, my other fav veggies and fruits I will juice and then add to the smoothie. Hope this helps.

  • It’s a little tough with a centrifugal juicer, tho it can be done. You can push the greens in with something harder, like a carrot, or an apple – I did that for some years,with a Juiceman (I think the Juiceman is very similar to the LaLanne – if I understand correctly, both are centrifugal, but the LaLanne has a larger feeding shoot). Although, I think RubyLaine is right, you might be better off just doin’ a smoothie with the greens, and you get the fiber, as well! Juice your base, and blend your greens into it. Or better, just blend everything.

    Which is a bit of a hypocritical response since I LOVE LOVE LOVE my green juice, I love my all juices & juicers. I’ve had two Champions, three Juiceman, (no juicer quit on me, I just kept giving them away to people who REALLY needed them! Including two cancer patients – both, I’m happy to say, are still alive, well & in total remission after 18 and 14+ years). I’m now using a Samson single-auger which does a great job on greens, homogenizing, etc., and it’s about 1/2 the price of a Green Power & cleans up much easier than the Juiceman, or the Champion (which is a TOTAL pain in the a** to clean).

    I don’t know if the LaLanne has a low setting – but if it does – set it on the lowest for greens, and if that doesn’t work, mix your greens with harder veggies, or apples. And BTW, apples, greens & lemon makes a lovely drink, one of my favorites. Like a sour apple candy in liquid form. Yumm. You don’t even need to peel the lemon if it’s organic, just throw it in there, rind & all. Wonderful.

  • I use a Champion for hard veggies and the single auger Omega for softer veggies. Most times I just make a green smoothie.

    Before you bought your juicer did you do a search about enzymes and centrifugal juicers? Just a thought.

  • Thanks for your input everyone. No I did not do a search about enzymes and centrifugal juicers. I actually make green smoothies, and then my mom brought the juicer home. Now I do both, but I wanted to try some green juice but the juicer just chews it up. Is a centrifugal juicer bad?

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