question about sprouting ...

If your seeds dont all sprout… is it ok to still eat them? i have not been having the best of luck with my seeds. do they still have nutrients you can use since they have been soaked?



  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    if you are trying to sprout them and they arent then they are either too water logged and need to be drained better, or they arent live. if they arent live they prob arent raw either.

    there is nothing wrong with eating seeds unsprouted tho, lots of people and lots of recipes prefer them to be soaked for softening, and they get good and plump again. sometimes i want soaked, sometimes i want sprouts, sprouts have a denser nutritional composition, and they dont lose any nutrients by soaking

    hope that helps namaste

  • dodo… thanks for your reply. some of them sprouted and some of them didnt. i would say about 60% sprouted and the rest didnt. but they were nice and plump and tasty so i kept them. i am trying to make some live granola so i am sprouting a bunch of things that are going into the dehydrator.

    i asked because i am new to sprouting and just want to make sure i dont mess up my raw diet thats all. LOL thanks again for your reply

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    ne probs sweetie

  • If the seeds don’t sprout there dead and eventually will rot and stink.Don’t buy out of the bins at wholefoods because I had the same problem.Buy from here

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