Recipe won't get published

Hi all,

I just wrote my first recipe and saved it, but now I can’t publish it! On the home page it says “you have 1 unpublished recipe”, how can I put it out into the air? It’s nowhere to be found. :(

Thanks a lot!



  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie


    I had the same problem. There is a glitch currently which won’t publish the recipe without uploading a photo… which is why I uploaded a pic of my dog with my last recipe.

  • Hi Annabelle,

    thanks so much for the hint – I’d never ever solved that one on my own… ;)

    Good idea using a pic of your dog, it must look pretty funny acompanied by a RAW VEGAN recipe!

    Thanks again, I’ll go posting away! Sossoco

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