Food Combining

Can anyone provide me with a meal-plan for the “perfectly combined” day?


  • Hello kait! This is how my day went Lunch: Banana’s ( a whole lot of them ) Dinner:5 small Mangoe’s, Plums (Not sure how many, I made a sauce out of them last week because they were about to go bad) 3 Nectarines, 1 hd Romaine, Little over a handful of hemp seeds.

    I eat a mostly fruit base diet, as you can see. I would suggest to take it slow with combining foods, don’t stress yourself over them. That’s what I did and it took the fun out of living. When you start combining more properly, your body will tell you what to and what not to combine. Usually a good way of telling is heartburn, gas, and/or bloating. If your food isn’t previously digest from your other meal then it can result in fermentation of fruit and you will feel these symptoms. But that will just let you know that you need to space out your eating!

    Edit: Some of my days consist of pure mono meals. Lunch is a mono, and dinner is a mono. I really really love mono mealing. It’s so simple! I also ate just the way I wrote it. My dinner was not combined into a salad. I love eating my greens by themself. It gives me a true sense of when I had enough!

  • Hi Kait! I hate food combining rules but I follow them anyway just because I worry about what will happen if I don’t. To make life easy for myself regardless of if I am at home, work, or school, I just have juice in the morning, fruit all day long until dinner, and then a salad or blended soup for dinner. It’s pretty simple but I need that.

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