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Breaking down!

OK well a bit of my history first…

Vegan for a year, gradually got more raw, up to about I’d say 40% raw (without even really thinking about it). I just love fruit and nuts and would usually eat 3-4 salads a week. And snack on carrots and stuff. I usually run A LOT but for the last month and a half I’ve just been swimming 30 minutes a day and biking to and from campus.

After a year of being vegan I figured I’d try Raw. For the last 15 days I’ve been about 95% raw. I haven’t cooked anything, but I’ve eaten some pre-cooked foods (like Tahini, home-made peanut butter, and nuts).

For the first 13 days I felt great—no more need for naps, sleeping 6.5-7 hrs a night instead of 7.5-8 hrs. I thought less about food too. No cravings for cooked food.

But the last 2 days straight I’ve just been sooooo sleepy and craving falafel, bagels, and chinese take-out. I don’t know what it is! I haven’t changed my work-out routine at all, haven’t changed my diet either. For the last 15 days I’ve been eating smoothies, green smoothies, lots of fruit, lots of salad, and little raw desserts I’ve found from raw recipe books.

I dunno what to do—maybe it’s the change in the weather, who knows. I feel like eating raw would be so much more fun and exciting in the summer because I like fruits way more than I do vegetables, and right now the only affordable fruits are grapes, bananas, and apples. But maybe I’m just making up excuses, or maybe 95% raw just isn’t for me. I dunno, either way if I stop now I know my raw intake (which once was around 30-40%) will be much higher coming away from this (probably 50-60%) because I’ve learned so much.


  • I am not sure your exact diet so I will say nothing diet related. Relax friend, it’s only been 15 days! The beginning is the toughest, it gets easier as the days go on. (somewhat diet related) It sounds like you were doing great in the begining, which leads me to believe you haven’t experienced any symptoms of detox (cliche, but in my experience, absolutely true). It could be now they are starting to show.

    Get some rest, fresh air, sunlight, pure water! Take a step back! Just live…

    (you might also want to post your diet up here so people can actually know a little more about how you are living. If 95% raw isn’t for you, than it isn’t for anyone. I truly believe that there are no diets specifically for any given person. I do believe they may differ, but for the most part it is what it is)

    In the mean time, GROUND YOURSELF. Don’t float away. We are all here for you!

    Live, Love Peace

  • breakfast: green smoothie w/some fruit or….......oat groats+raisins+banana w/some fruit…......or just tons of fruit

    lunch and dinner: salad w/lemon tahini dressing +lettuce, spinach, kale w/onion, tomato, sprouted chickpeas….........sprouted lentil salad w/cucumber, tomato, curry…..........raw irresistible soup from goneraw recipes

    snacks…..trail mix, fruit, carrots w/ sprouted chickpea hummus, apple and peanut butter

    drinks…smoothies, water, orange juice

    dessert…..fruit bowl w/agave or just processing dates+nuts+cocoa powder and forming into balls

    i’m sure i’m missing some things but that’s a general idea of what i eat.

  • also you’re right, i just gotta relax. but this week is actually a rainy week so i haven’t had time go outside and chill like i usually do :(

  • durianrider—do you seriously eat pretty much only fruit?? just some lettuce and celery here and there?

    1:22 half marathon—hell yea! i’d love to get there some day (actually i WILL get there some day).

    first of all fruit is my FAVORITE food. but this time of year the only affordable fruit is apples, bananas, grapes, and pears. well raisins and dates aren’t so bad. but still, not much to pick from. all the other fruit i love is starting to get so expensive-mango, kiwi, peaches, all the berries…..................how do you afford eating 3,500 calories of fruit a day? i also don’t have a car so biking and walking is how i get everywhere-wouldn’t have it any other way. also lots of training (swimming and biking).

    what is a mono meal?

  • also why does Gone Raw automatically strike-out some of my sentences??

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    I would say try to go back to your usual 8 hours of sleep and see if that helps? Perhaps you felt so good the first week, that you didn’t think you needed the sleep, but now it has caught up with you. Could happen ;). I wish I could eat as much fruit as I liked too… there is no way that can happen unless it starts falling from the sky lol!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    it is pretty normal to feel like crap the second week because you just went from eating HORRIBLY to eating a lot of fiber, a lot of nutrients, and a lot of other things that are slowly telling every cell in your body to “let everything you’ve been holding onto” GO to float around in the blood stream and reek havoc.

    eating simpler meals, as durianrider suggested is a good idea. i personally think mono-meals is going to get you feeling really bored with raw REALLY fast though. you might want to eat sequentially, or just get more exercise to speed up the rate at which toxins are leaving your body… which is different than getting them to leave your cells (and having nowhere to go).

    dry brushing, drinking more water before meals, sweating in a sauna, doing exercise that raises the heart rate AS WELL as stretches out the muscles, these will all help you get over this little bump…

    be well!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    kennyt~ The strikeout is due to inadvertently using some formatting commands. When you use dashes, the text between the dashes gets a strikeout. If you want to use a dash, use two together to avoid the strikeouts. For more formatting information, goto Tip: Making a link.

  • i don’t think im lacking excercise. i’m taking a break from running while my foot heals but i’ve been keeping in shape with about an hour of workouts a day, biking and swimming.

    chicory, i go to bed early enough so i don’t need an alarm clock in the morning, i just wake up when i wake up. so i usually wake up around 7 or so, and then can’t fall back asleep. but usually i’d wake up around 8 or 830. but lately ive been waking up sooo tired and sleepy most of the day whereas the first 2 weeks of raw i was so full of energy! who knows…i’m gonna keep it up, pack more fruit into my diet, more water (i lost my nalgene so i’ve been drinking less water this week, that’ll change!). but yea i just needed to vent and see what people thought.

  • kennyt : “how do you afford eating 3500 calories of fruit a day?”.... thats the best part; you pick them! I’m assuming you live in a climate where pears and apples grow since they are so cheap right now. Open your eyes brother, they are all around us. I’ve picked hundreds of pounds of apples this year, atleast a hundred pounds of peaches, atleast a hundred pounds of berries (I’m not kidding either), almost a hundred pounds of pears! These are things that grow in my climate (wild, no orchards, no sprays, just life) that I was lucky to pick before the season ends. If you act quick, there are wild, edible fruits (mostly apples and pears) that are still on trees. OPEN YOUR EYES! Look up, I was amazed at how many trees I have all around me.

    Mono meals are also my favorite meals. They consist of certain food (i.e. bananas, or oranges, or mangoes, or pears, or apples, or….) The simpler the meal, the better you feel- my friend

    But like I said, relax, take your time. Don’t rush it because you won’t enjoy it!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    tree of life, in england its virtually unheard of to find a wild fruit tree, but here in germany there are all sorts, especially apples, on some walks we dont even need to take food with us as we know we can gather it on route. isnt nature wonderfull :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I feel that as you’ve been raw for just under 2 weeks, it would be safe to assume that what you’re going throgh is detox. Everyone goes through it to a greater or lesser extent.

    I would go from high energy to feeling like not moving at all quite a bit in my first 2-3 months. The ‘experts’say that once you have eaten raw food for long enough for your body to realise that this is what it is going to be like from now on, and that you’re not going to poison it anymore, it gets to work rebuilding and healing your body. Even if you ate pretty healthily like you certainly sound you did, there is still detox, still healing and rebuilding to be done.

    For a lot of people I’ve met, the main part of the detox happens in the first 2-3 months of going high or all raw. The more raw you are, the more you will detox/heal, the quicker it will be. And you can do other things to aid the detox, various natural health methods like enemas, colonics, castor oil packs. Also massage, excercise, anything to get your blood flowing is good and helpful. But you’ll probably feel like just resting.

  • thanks for all the help!

    treeoflife that sounds so freakin’ incredible, free fruit! i’ve never seen any where i live. i’ve explored this area a lot for the last 2 years and have never come across random fruit trees :( there are some farms that do picking but they’re like a 30 minutes drive away (in a car) and i just have a bike. so yeah…oh well! i’m just gonna keep going with the flow and see what happens

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    kennyt, this is interesting; I am experiencing exactly the opposite. As you, I’ve been raising my raw food consumption to 95% during the last three days. The first night I was not able to sleep until 3:00, very unusual for me (I am usually in bed and sleeping by 10:00pm). The second night was a little better, but still could not sleep before 12:00 am. Yesterday was the same thing. Now is 11:15pm and I am writing this instead of being exausted. What puzzles me is that I am not sleepy during the day at all. However, I dont’ think it’s healthy to go to bed late every nigh. You know it’s intriguing for me that changing to a higher percent raw has a great effect on the body, even when I was eating fairly good before I started.

  • haha durianrider good advice! i’ve been checking out the 811rv and i think it sounds good! i just bought tons of fruit from the grocery store and it wasn’t too expensive! once i’m done eating some of the food i’ve already prepped, i’m gonna give the 811rv a shot.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    durianrider – We need to get a life? There may be people who would say the same thing about someone “needing” to bike all over the place & win all kinds of races & contests. :) I am NOT trying to insult what you do; just pointing out that there are different things people are interested in doing with their time, & being creative with their food is certainly on of those interests ;) I love the synergy of healing that comes from combining cayenne with ginger in a salad, for example, and there is certainly nothing wrong with liking a presentation of nourishment to look pleasing, or with liking to combine flavors. :)

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