hello everyone

i’ve been raw for a little more than a month now, and would like to try some recipes that involve a dehydrator; unfortunately, i can’t afford buying one and putting it in our student kitchen at the moment. so, i was wondering, do you think it’s ok if i use the regular oven, except i put it on the lowest temperature possible? what would be wrong with that?

thanks for your help !


  • There are so many forums where this question has been discussed… Maybe it would be easier for you to review the forums by going to the forum page and checking out the “new to raw” first…

    Then read over the other posts and most of your questions will be addressed…

    But for now, it is my understanding that NO oven will heat below 118 degrees and there is NO fan to circulate the warm air.. If you have a Convection Oven it may be a possibility but not a good solution… Sorry

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