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Split Skin

Hi All

I a raw newbie , been around 90% raw since June, so thats 4 months now. Last week the some patches appeared on my right shin – no itches or anything just red patches. Today the skin split over one of the patches and again no pain, no itch no bother at all except for the thought that my skin shouldnt be doing this.

I am eating lots of fruit, nuts and greens.

Any ideas? Thanks Steve


  • hmm.. could just be the weather~ has it been especially dry, windy or cold where you are? coconut oil would be good, plus it’s antibacterial

  • i would eat a lot of high in -silicon foods.. they produce collagen…

    brew some horsetail for 15 min.. really high in silicon.. also, when i shower i use coffee grounds as an exfoliator, a really good moisturizer for the skin.. and you can just rinse it right into the drain. and- apple cider vinegar has bha’s and aha’s which are really good for the skin! you can put some in a bottle and spray it on.. if you want, by some half and half cream which is high in lactic acid and take a bath in it!

    hope this helps!

  • Stevie~ My Dad had a really bad split in his skin. It was really deep and the skin around it was hard. I offered him some of my Burt’s Bees stuff and he came to me the next day with an amazed face! He showed he how fast it was healing! I don’t think he’s ever had a split since…and if he does…he puts Burt’s Bees Healing ointment on it.


  • also instead of buying burts bees.. you can just slather on a huge amount of honey and gauze it up.. will do wonders!

  • meloe – Being vegan, I can’t really see myself bathing in a cream derived from animals. (no offense)

  • Thanks All

    It stopped after about a week, I think Meloe might have been on track with silicons – I added deep greens again and rash and splits healed.

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