Greetings from Asheville, NC and a few questions

Hey All, ran across this great site looking for some raw foods info. I’m lucky enough to live in the greatest mountain town in the US, Asheville, NC. We have endless vegetarian restraunts with a few even having some raw options.

I’ve been a strict vegetarian and on again off again vegan for roughly 18 years. Now that I’ve turned 41 I’ve noticed that even though I watch what I eat, its become more difficult to keep my ideal weight which is for me right at 180.

The reason I haven’t been able to stick to a purely raw diet in the past is that I’m an avid mountain and road biker, I ride anywhere from 2 to up to 15 hours each week. With all of that high level excercising, when I’m eating purely raw foods that don’t contain many carbs it hard to keep the energy level I need, especially when riding with friends who ate a heaping plate of pasta before the ride which is considered the best source of pre ride fuel.

So I’m thinking for me, a diet of as much raw foods as possible, while still eating enough cooked foods to maintain the energy I need for these rides is what I’m looking for.

Any thoughts on this?

Despite being a vegetarian/vegan for 18 years I do enjoy more than my share of beer and whisky(I can hear the gasps!!) which I’m sure contributes to the difficulty in keeping my ideal cycling weight of 180.

I guess I’m looking for a good all around program that isn’t so strict that I can’t enjoy the things I like, mainly riding bikes in the mountains and having beers afterwords with my friends, but also that keeps me healthy and makes the weight control manageable.

Any help from other Raw Eatin’, bike riding, trail runnin’, beer drinkers would be helpful!!




  • Hi Jeff,

    I lived in Asheville for 9 years in the 90’s, owned a business and everything. My friend is a triathlete and just finished a 3 day 300 mile road bike race. She eats all raw for breakfast and luch ( mostly raw breakfast bars, green smoothies and salads ). She then eats a cooked vegetarian dinner with some raw ( such as salad or green juice ). Her energy is boundless, but she did find it difficult to be so active on a 100% raw diet. I know of others who are very athletic and thrive on a 100% raw diet. I suppose everyone is different. Oh, she does drink a glass of wine every night at dinner ( no beer though ). Have fun and good luck!

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Jeff, I absolutely looove beer, but I don’t drink it anymore. I found that raw kombucha is a good substitue since it has natural bubbles and somewhat has alcoholic like flavor. Actually, it has a 0.5% of alcohol owed to natural fermentation.

  • Hey Spirit, thanks for the input. Just wondering, what made you leave asheville? Glad to hear others can do mostly raw and still push the limits outdoors.

    Rawlizard, what made you give up beer, just curious. I’m hoping to transition to a 75% raw diet but don’t think I have will right now to give up beer or whisky….yum yum. I’m hoping my decade and a half of being a vegetarian/vegan will allow me at least one vice!!

    thanks for the tips so far,


  • Hi jeff,

    There is durianrider here who is an endurance biker, and is 100% raw. Plus maybe others I haven’t read yet (i am new too).


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