Fasting for Yom Kippur

I just wanted to wish all our raw Jews a Good Yontiff and an easy fast tonight and tomorrow. I always find it almost a joy to know that I have to abstain from food for 24 hours, but not having any water makes it tough – I usually get that terrible headache around 3pm or so. Is anyone planning to break the fast tomorrow night with an exciting raw recipe? Did anyone do any actual atoning during the period from Rosh Hashannah until today?


  • Good Yontiff to you, and thank you for bringing this up here. :)

    This is my first year eating raw, so it’ll be new for me. I’ve been looking forward to the fast, although I always drink water with it. I grew up reform, so that’s how we always handled the fast… I had no idea it traditionally calls for now water????

    My 6 yr.old daughter made me the cutest card in Sunday School apologizing for her misbehavior, and we both made atonement to each other for our past freak-outs over the year. Honestly, I didn’t really have anyone else to apologize to nor atonement to be done… I’ve been pretty much keeping to myself this past year.

    On Sunday our temple has a day of Tikkun in the Community, where they have many different projects set up for members to give back to our community. Since I have to work later on Sunday, it was difficult to find a project that I could participate in with my 6 yr. old. The only one that really works for us is to make cards for the soldiers.

    How about you? How did your atoning go?

  • I don’t know if posting counts as work… There again, can today really be a day of ‘no work’ for me? I’m nursing so I’ll be eating small amounts of grapes and drinking water. My kids are doing the same. It’s a beautiful day. Today, being the 40th day of Teshuva, culminating in a lot of repenting… If anything, it just reminds us that we need daily grace, because no matter how hard we ‘try’, can we ever get it right? Every day is a new day and His mercy is new every morning… and opportunity to return to Him – our first love.

    Good raw recipes for breaking fast would be a delicious salad of cucumbers, parsley, mint, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and lime. How about also a platter of some Honeycrisp apples, figs, blackberries, and pomegranite? ....And a big glass of water with lime.

    It’s a little late, but here’s a funny Rosh Ha Shanah video… This guy and his vids are hilarious – though a little goofy. L’shana tova.

  • I’m so thirsty! I am at the point in the day where I am fantasizing about a big arugula salad and a ripe peach. Urgh. :) To my great discredit, I didn’t do any atoning this year. And I do have some to do – I have a couple of friendships that I have neglected that I want to get back on track. Mamamilk – that cucumber and tomato salad is making my stomach do flip flops. It sounds divine. Littlegem – traditionally, the fast entails taking nothing into your body – no food or water. You’re not even supposed to brush your teeth – but I cheat on that one. I stayed home today but am stuck working from here. It’s not quite ‘kosher,’ but I have some court deadlines that aren’t going to extend because of yontiff. Happy new year to both of you and your families!

  • Thanks Dagny – you too – a blessed new year! There’s time every day to make things right. )

    Also, although the Hebrew calendar has Yom Kippur and its observances as yesterday, According to the New Moon sighting (actually occurred on October 1 according to the space observatory) as is the scriptural context of Tishri 1 – Rosh Ha Shanah and then Tishri 10 – Yom Kippur, it is “moon – wise” beginning tonight at sundown and ends Saturday evening… just throwing that out there if you want to try again and be ‘kosher’ about it. : ) We are observing both times – one according to the Calendar (yesterday), the other according to the moon sighting (10 days after our own and the space observatory observation of the new moon sighting – count 10 days and the day of atonement begins at sundown tonight – friday, thru sundown tomorrow – saturday).... I was up a lot in the wee hours this morning – from 3 am to about 6 – just thinking and praying a lot…

  • just wanted to post about my experience yesterday. This was my first year eating raw, and I was amazed at how emotional I became. During silent prayer, I was praying to help the world in hate, anger, and war. I was almost in tears, and if I had been at home alone, I’d have been sobbing! It has been an extremely moving experience, and I believe that eating raw has helped me get to this state.

    That sad, I ended up eating my family’s cooked vegetarian food, as I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. It was actually very yummy, and I enjoyed the evening with all of my cousins, their children, my mom, sister, and aunt. But wow, just that cooked meal was so heavy and I woke up today not feeling so great.

    I might fast again to cleanse and get back to a raw start.

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    I hope you all had a blessed Yom Kipur, this was my first Yom Kipur as raw, went very smooth and easy, had a big salad and a small fruit smoothie before, and pretty much the same after with a date snack I made and was gr8, I actually was so energized after I didn’t sleep untill 3am and woke up for work today at 6.30am worked through the day and don’t feel tired.

    littlegems, yep traditionally its no water either, no electric device, no car or lighting fire, no washing face, teeth or taking a shower, no sport doing, no fun no jokes, its bascily doing nothing other the reading&talking(and not bout happy things) hehe its bases for that comes from Leviticus in which it says that we are to “torture our souls” in Yom Kipur hence all the harsh restrictions.

    Jah Bless, Ras Saadon.

  • This was my first year NOT fasting. I have really low blood sugar, and usually end up passing out if I don’t sleep all day, and that just seems like a waste. So this year I ate and drank, and was able to focus on the “torture our souls” part a bit more. ;) Well, maybe more reflection than torture. Happy New Year, everyone.

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