The SimplyRaw Challenge

The SimplyRaw Challenge is a free 1-week event that challenges you to go raw for 7 days – experience a new way to eat, to live, and to enjoy food and better health.

The challenge starts on Sunday October 12th, with the last day of the challenge on Saturday October 18th.

(1) Sign up as a participant through our blog at (2) Eat a raw vegan diet – fresh, uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes – for 7 days. Need some help or inspiration for going raw? Check out the links on the sidebar. (3) Contribute to the blog at least once per day – share your recipes; post photos; post videos; share your experiences & comments with other participants.

We’ll be giving away prizes to the most active participants each day. Of course the best prize of all is your health for participating in the challenge, so have fun, eat well, and enjoy yourself! Fun a buddy to take the challenge with you for twice the fun!

All the details at:

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