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Food Poisoning? (tmi)

Sorry if this has already been discussed… I can’t seem to find the search function on this forum…

Anyways, I’ve been on the raw diet for a month now, and everything was great until recently. For the past week, I have been having soft/burning stool, bordering on mild diarrhea. Passing the stool is preceeded by cramping. It appears that nothing I eat gets digested, it’s like the food passes right through. Also, I get stomach pain after meals, like the stomach is irritated by food. No other symptoms that I’ve noticed, except for lethargy and irritability. This all doesn’t seem too extreme, but it’s also not normal for me. Any suggestions? I’m suddenly wondering whether raw is really such a good idea…


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    If you continue to be concerned, see a health professional.

    See if this resonates with you: Detoxing/Cleansing/Correcting Response

    How much water are you drinking?

    Are you currently or in the past eating spicy (cayenne or other hot peppers, etc.) food? If so, this might account for the burning sensation.

  • Thanks Bluedolfin, I looked at the link, and truthfully, I highly doubt that my situation is just a standard detox associated with the raw food diet. Especially considering that everything was great for an entire month. And no, I don’t eat much spice – the burning feels like it’s from bile (like in diarrhea). My diet mostly consists of buckwheat porridge, salads, fruit/berries, nuts, salmon, and the occasional lamb or elk (singed on the outside to kill surface bacteria).

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    what are you eating?

    you may not have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which would account for your food not being properly digested.

    there are SO many reasons why you could be getting this, so a little more info would help.

    first things that come to mind though:

    -sensitivity to poor food combining -not chewing your food properly (this is something you have to REALLY look at on a raw food diet unless you are blending everything… cooked food requires very little chewing and we get used to that!) -eating a lot of acidic foods, like lemons, grapefruit, tomatoes? (these aren’t “bad” foods, just you may want to cut down until the problem goes away) -a lot of nuts and seeds? especially unsoaked or mixed with other foods (particularly sweets) -eating a lot of dehydrated foods, or dried fruit

    help: -blended greens in smoothies helped my tummy. i like apples and pears with LOTs of greens. it’s very easy on digestion. you can add some ginger too, which always makes my tummy feel better.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    haha. simultaneous posting. i have no experience with raw flesh eating, but jeepers you may have gotten food poisoning from rancid meat. ?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    maharet~ My privilege. :) Not to try to convince you it might be detox, but purely for providing information… detox can happen at any time. Most people who continue to eat clean will hit patches of detoxing periodically. Try increasing your water intake and maybe adding 1/4 of fresh lemon juiced in 8oz of water. See if that will flush out whatever is going on. You might have picked up something that is irritating your system (not specifically that you are eating raw food). If it continues, it sounds like it might be time to visit a health professional and have it checked out.

  • Bluedolfin – I’ve no doubt this is a detox… just wondering if my body is detoxing some serious food-borne bacteria (food poisoning), or if this is something standard that will easily pass me by. Thank you for the lemon water suggestion – I’ll give it a try.

    Pianissima – it might be the meat, but with all the salmonella/bacteria problems with veggies over the last few years, it could just as well be the greens. Incidentally I only eat fresh free-range meat or wild game… nothing rancid:) However, I do eat a ton of nuts… and I haven’t been soaking them. Could this be the problem?

  • I had burning stool for the first month… it always happened after eating lots of kale! I have had food poisoning before… and will never forget it! one head in the trash can, the other stuck to the toilet for a week! no joke.. couldn’t even stand up, or loss of control. food poisoning is the worst! The only way to actually tell is if you bring a sample to the doctor.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    maharet~ You might want to back off on the food for a day or so and really up the water (w/ and w/o lemon) intake to flush out your system. If you are eating tons of nuts, that might also contribute to it. BTW, there is equal amounts of bad news about ecoli, salmonella, etc. associated with both plant produced and animal related products to scare a person to not eat at all… and then what would that getcha? ;) Some is introduced at the producers, some in our own homes, and then there is the stuff we get from just touching something like a stairail or door knob that someone else touched… sheesh. The good news is is that if our bodies are getting what it needs, it will fight if off. :)

    My main concern is that if you do have something that really needs medical attention (we are not qualified to diagnose here) all these suggestions are just delaying you from getting the proper support you need to get back on track.

    To your wellness…

    chicory~ Dontcha just love that feeling of confusion trying to figure out which end to take care of first. 8/

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I got that a few times over the last few years raw. It usually passes after a day of fasting.

  • Alright then, fasting for one day. If things don’t clear up, I’ll be seeing the doctor (bearing gifts, haha!). This is gonna be hard… I hate fasting… food just tastes so GOOD!!

    Bluedolfin – you’re absolutely right about the bad news being equally applicable to all food types… that’s one of the reasons why I feel comfortable eating [fresh, organic] meat:)

    Zoe, thanks for the comment – it makes me hopeful that my tummy will be fine.

    P.S. Do other people have funky html issues with this forum, or is it just me?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    maharet~ No, it’s just you and your wacky stomach that is causing the funky html issues. ;) Just joking. Check out the Gone Raw section of the Forums for more info on the issues.

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