a dressing that keeps well?

I’m just getting back into the swing of things, and am wondering if anyone has a recipe for a salad dressing that keeps well in the fridge for, say, a week or so? I’m especially fond of the creamy types (sesame, avo, and cashew dressings are my favorites), and as a nursing momma I can use the extra calories, but in my experience they don’t last long in the fridge. Would Love to hear your tips, ideas, experiences!


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I don’t have a good answer for “creamy” types, I would actually like to know that, but I make some that keep for about a week or two out of olive oil, namu shoyu, lemon juice and tahini. It tastes pretty good and keeps really well. It congeals quite a bit when cold so you have to set the jar in some warm water or leave it sitting out for a while before making your salad.

  • Add to Caleb’s recipe a little cumin and garlic (and cayenne if you like things hot!) and you have a great tahini dressing or dip.

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