Cleanse/Detox while maintaining weight.

Hi peeps,

I’ve made this a different thread, as I think my goals/motives are different to the other cleanse thread going at the moment.

I’ve been feeling for a while I’d like to do some form of detox, but I don’t really want to lose any weight… or more precisely, I really want to maintain my weight.

Background: Over the past 11 months, I’ve lost about 55lbs and dropped from a UK dress size 16 to a UK 8-10. This is sort of because I developed an eating distress as the result of great emotional stress, which is one of the reasons I’m here in the first place. I only feel good about eating foods that are ethical and healthy. I also got a little obsessed with what the digital numbers on a LCD display said when I stood on it.

I feel that, while I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years, I haven’t always eaten a healthy diet, and perhaps I need to cleanse in some way. However, all the detoxes I have seen seem very much to put emphasise on 1) Not eating a range of foods(!) 2) Weight loss. Weighing just under 120lbs and being 5”8 I’ve got a BMI of around 18, I really don’t want to lose any more. In fact, I should probably think about putting some weight back on if anything (I’d like my chest back for a start ;) ) even if the thought does make me petrified!

I also hope that a detox/cleanse might make me happier, and I’m not sure my stress/depression isn’t partly phyical.

So, my questions are

1) How vital is a detox/cleanse. If I eat healthy from now on, shouldn’t my body be able to detox on it’s own?

2) Are there detox diets that will allow to get in at least 1800kcals, which is what I have calculated I need with my level of activity in order not to loose weight?

3) Am I being a blooming idiot, and should I wait till I’ve sorted my head out over the eating distress before I put myself on an even more restrictive diet?

4) What are the next set of winning lottery numbers – That way I can hire myself a full time raw chef ;)

Thanks for your opinions :)


  • Had my weekly weigh in… and I’ve lost more weight :(

    Think I’ll have to put off a detox till I’m back at a healthy weight. I think it’s more important for me to concentrate on that right now than the detox… which is a shame really.

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