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Carrying "unusual" food with you at the airport is now a crime that can get you thrown in jail


Well i hope everyone is having a pleasant day. i wanted to post this article i read about Ron and Nadine from Living Libations. It is important that you know this as a raw foodist.

This beautiful couple was interrogated and hassled, their six month old baby was held from them because they went to the airport with cacao. The link to the article is below. i found it on natural news dot com. A very good site by the way.



  • The experiences and policies described in this article are very, very frightening, on a number of levels. I highly recommend that all read it. Thanks for the heads up, and for posting the link, Seed.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Wow, I wonder if they aren’t the only people to be carrying around raw cacao on a plane? That’s really strange. I can’t believe what the world has come to.

  • You would think they would be able to sue for legal fees or something. Is this article totally legit? Cause if the couple claimed chocolate and it was such a big bust, wouldn’t the gov have tested it before they had to hire a lawyer to make them? I mean 30 days to dispell their aliby?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I thought it was standard to declare food items when you travel? Those dogs are not stupid; they are trained to respond to specific scents. If the foods set them off, I’m sure there is an explanation.

  • i went to livinglibations.com to see if they mentioned it. They have posted a few things on their ordeal under their media section. People are very trusting and want to believe in the good of humanity. “Everything” is contaminated and poisoned, and not by our doing. The powers that be are not going to point that out to you in your local paper or on cnn. And they won’t be pointing out an unfair act such as this one. The raw community tries to stay positive, but i hope that doesn’t mean we stop questioning things.

  • edited December 2015

    It’s unbelievable what they went through and i really do feel for them.


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I am not surprised by this episode. There is a certain type of person who should never be in law enforcement. This personality type needs strict control over others to satisfy their personal shortcomings. This type also gravitates to employment in law enforcement and, depending on where you live, may comprise 30-50% of the force. They often get frustrated when they believe that someone is guilty but can’t prove it. They regularly abuse citizens under these circumstances.

    I don’t want to give the impression I am anti-law enforcement. I am very thankful they work that job and it is a difficult one with woefully inadequate pay, which is the main reason we aren’t getting the quality of officers we need. My father was a cop and I was raised around cops. The police had a private clubhouse deep in the woods where cops and their families held regular events. I spent my entire youth in this environment. Cops spoke openly about the things they did on the job but shouldn’t have. I am talking about most serious stuff too. As a child, you love and worship these people, but as you grow up you realize they are capable of doing anything they want and they will never, never get caught.

    I often work with the alleged criminal justice system. I suspect half the cops are honest decent people, 20% are serious criminals with badges, and 95%+ understand if they don’t keep their mouths shut about improper conduct or criminal activity by law enforcement, they better find a new job or make sure their desk position guarantees they never respomd to a call that puts then on the street.

    TOMS MOM – Responding to your comments about the narc dogs, I used to think those dogs were hard to fool too. The government has gone to great lengths to make us believe this and that we should rely on them, just as we should feel we must rely on all authoritative figures. Even more so than chemical tests, narc dogs often have high incidents of false positives. Those who don’t work for law enforcement or government but deal with these dogs believe errors occur app. 50% of the time.

    I am personally aware of cases where narc dogs got it wrong in my professional dealing ad once in my personal life. A year ago my son, daughter-in-law, and their then 6-month old son were returning home from a camping trip when they were pulled by law enforcement. They had a SUV packed with lots of camping gear and all the gear you need if you have a young baby with you for 3 days.

    I have counseled my son repeatedly on how to conduct himself during a police stop: never be disrespectful to the officer, but to never allow a search of his vehicle because he doesn’t have to. (I actually have a video with examples.) Law enforcement believe that if you refuse to be searched absent probable cause (which our Supreme Court may be one or two decisions from “the hell of it” being probable cause), it is a sign of guilt. I am on a very friendly basis with numerous cops and they admit the academy teaches them this and ways to get around the Constitution.

    After my son told the officer he would not consent to a search, they held their vehicle for a K9 unit. The dog alerted on the car. They were held for almost 3 hours as the entire SUV was unloaded and the dog was given the opportunity to react to each item they pulled out. It alerted on none of the items from the back so the cops are openly talking about dismantling the vehicle because “the drugs are hidden in the vehicle.” The officer had already searched the front section of the vehicle alleging it was a search for for his own protection, but he took the pop-out panels off the front doors so that was an illegal search.

    Someone got the bright idea to present the dog with items from the front seat and the dog alerted on a bag. The bag had the remains of a tunafish sub in it they had bought an hour earlier. I was so grateful the kids weren’t black because they would have already been in jail and, after no drugs were found, some might have magically appeared to make the arrest look good.

    Law Enforcement often goes to great lengths to hide these type of errors. I heard of one instance where dogs were given personnel jackets and search errors were recorded as disciplinary notices in the jacket. This info isn’t suppose to be kept this way in our state. When performance tests were subpoenaed on certain dogs, those folders would not contain the errors and the dogs looked tried and true.

    Once law enforcement continues to use a dog with performance errors, it is a huge liability for them and it becomes important to cover up. A smart defense lawyer could have seized evidence based on these animals thrown out on appeal and numerous defendants could potentially be successful in new trials or their cases dismissed.

    This is just another example of why we should never assume what law enforcement says is true. If we want to p[rotect our freedoms, we have to start with questioning our own authorities.

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