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I found my way here via the inspiring TheRawDance who has been my reason for looking into the raw food lifestyle in the hope that it can bring me a new lease of life. I have suffered from eating disorders for many years and due to those have a heart condition and also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an intolerance of light but I have seen the enthusiasm Johnny and others here on this site have for raw food and I want to give it a go myself to see if it can give me back some of the lust for life I have lost.

I could do with some advice of where to start, what to buy first etc so would value any advice before I go out and start shopping. At the moment I eat virtually no carbs but have experimented with making my own smoothies before but know very little about using raw grains so any advice is most welcome. :-)


  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    alabastardragon, I am still transitioning so don’t know how much help I will be, but here goes. I enjoy oat groats soaked for 12 hours & then add apples, fruit & eat that for breakfast (I jog in the morning). Right now I’m not eating the raw ones, I need to see if I can afford it. All I know is that they have brought my husbands cholesterol way down! For lunch I like salads with avocados, raisins, sprouts, sunflower seeds (you get the idea, toss tons of stuff in) & eat the same for supper or have a smoothie. You can check out the easy recipe tag to see if that would help. If you have firefox instead of internet explorer you can search the forums.

    By the way I love you name! Is that from the books? Wind to thy wings on your journey to health!

  • I soaked some oat groats for 12 hours and then added some cinnamon and a bit of honey and ate them and they were very nice. I also made a raw wrap using collard green leaves putting mushrooms, corn, alfalfa, avocado and bean sprouts in but I did add a hard boiled egg for protein so cheated a bit there.

    As for my name.. do you mean Draco? That is actually my real name, I changed it a few years ago as myself and my partner are professional Malfoy impersonators. :-)

    Its good to meet you. I’m now on the hunt for some coconut water and flax crackers as I am used to eating slim fast protein bars and now am trying to cut them out of my diet. :-) How are you doing?

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Hi alabastardragon, sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. I don’t always have the time to respond. Regarding your name, I was referring to your login name. I remembered a name wrong from a fantasy series I was reading, it was ancaladar who was a dragon. So that’s where the connection is (or wasn’t!). So you’re a professional Malfoy neat!

    I’m glad you liked the oat groats. I also add raisins & frozen berries. Life is treating me well on this journey to health. Jogged with the full moon this morning, absolutely beautiful! This is a great web site isn’t it? I have an emotional eating disorder, which meant I used to eat everything in sight & was overweight, which is the opposite of your’s, but they are still eating disorders.

    Wind to thy wings!

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