green bananas everywhere!

Hello, everyone! Here in Sacramento for some reason there are NO ripe bananas to be had! I haven’t had a banana in days and I am seriously unhappy :( I’m 9 months pregnant and I just really want a ripe banana! And when I say that they are all green, I mean GREEN. Not yummy.

Is there any way to ripen these as fast as possible? I’ve got a few in a brown paper bag on my counter with an apple, and it seems to be working, but maybe some here knows something I don’t :)


  • Sorry, I don’t know how to ripen bananas faster other than the brown bag method, but here’s a thought. Bananas are high in potassium and so are dates. If you’re craving a banana, but can’t have one, try eating a bunch of dates. It may satisfy what your body is craving.

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    The brown bag method I have never tried but I find my fruit ripens faster if I put it in the sunniest area.In the summer I would leave my all-green pineapples in the car overnight and in the morning they would be golden all over the bottom. Try putting the bananas in the warmest place in your house (just be sure there’s lots of sunlight) and it will probably ripen a lot faster.

  • brown bag with apples is the trick. Bananas and apples let off a gas (I beloieve it is called ester or something) which makes the fruit ripe quickly. That is why an apple/banana turns brown so quickly after peeling. The bag traps these gasses causing the fruit to ripen fast. Also, make sure it is in a warm room, preferibly room temperature. I’ve noticed that too hot will cause the banana to get mushy before it actually ripens, and too cold you will wait for ever for those things to ripen.

    Besides that, try gettting the ripest bananas possible. They more premature a fruit/veg is picked, the less nutrients I was able to recieve from the tree.

    Good luck!

  • To elaborate on TreeOfLife’s point, a slice of apple in a closedf paper bag with the bananas inside will have the same effect as the horrid gas the supermarkets spray on the green bunches to get them to ripen after having been picked at an immature state.

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