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Hello raw foodies! Here is my dilemma. I really really want to eat raw, I have a super sensitive stomach, and I have really bad stomach aches when I eat cooked food. But I always fall WAY short on eating enough when I am raw, and fats don’t digest well for me. I think that I would be well suited, health wise, to eat the 80/10/10 way. I just need advice on how to get all the calories in in a day, without it taking up your hole day! How do you pack around enough food to your work? How do you know how much to eat? I will have to have some cooked food in my diet, because I still live at home and eating meals together is something that is very important to my family, but I want to be row the majority of the time. I just don’t know how to do it. I was raw for about two years, but I had an eating disorder, so I went way to low on my calories and became really ill. However I know it was not the raw diet that did that to me, it was the starvation. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you all, and happy thanks giving to the Canadians out there! Blessings Alyssa


  • Hello Dancin Durian,

    I started to follow 80/10/10 recently so I am not an expert but will try to help.

    I needed to track my calories intake in the beginning and still needs to sometimes, because after a month of approximative 811 I suffered nerve breakdowns and had lost too much weight, so I suspected I wasn’t eating enough. In reality I was having at most 1000 calories a day… Well, good that I have cheked it out, and good for you if you are aware of this before you start and won’t do the mistake I did.

    So for the calories and nutrients I use a website called, which is very good to follow a 811 diet, but I know that others exist that may be very good too. And don’t worry, after one or two weeks using the tool you will know by heart the calories of what you are eating, more or less, and don’t need it anymore.

    If you have a cooked meal at night I think it is good to start with, because transitionning to 811 can be… sort of violent LOL for the body and mostly for the mind, I mean it is such a big (and so good) change of habits. You can log your cooked meal in nutridiary (or other) too, to check if the 80/10/10 balance is respected.

    In the beginning it is possible that it takes your whole day, yes, better start a week-end. I could not eat more than four bananas in a same meal to start with, then five, today I ate seven, other people can eat twelve! perhaps even more. It is the same with all fruit, the idea is to eat a huge amount of them. But the stomach is not used to store so large quantities and one needs to train it, like a muscle. It takes time, eveyday you can add a little more fruit to your meals, beginning eating all day long, little by little, then larger and larger meals, until you can have a full breakfast, full lunch, full dinner, and snacks if needed.

    I hope I didn’t write no-811-conform things, anyway there are other 811s on this forum who will help you too.

    Enjoy your fruits, don’t forget to eat a lot of green leaves, and control fats (protein is not a problem, there always is).

  • I forgot:

    Don’t mix dry fruit and fresh fruit.

    Don’t mix fats and fruits.

    You can mix green leaves (lettuce, spinach, celery leaves etc) with fruits in smoothies or delicious salads.

    If you prepare a salad with fruits, no fats in the dressing. Use lemon juice, orange juice, fresh herbs… If there is no fruit in your salad then you can use oil.

    Fats are better eaten at dinner.

    Approximative amount of fat in a 2000 cal diet: 1 tablespoon of oil, or an once of nuts/seeds, half an avocado, for the full day… Yes I know that is not human ;)

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Thank you for your repies! How do you know how many calories you need to eat? How did you figure it out?

  • In the website I told you about the necessary calories are calculated for you, otherwise there are plenty of websites that do it!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    The common way to find out how many calories you need is to multiply your ideal weight by 10. This will give you your basic metabolic rate (how much your body burns if you were bedridden). Then, add the approximate amount of calories you burn doing everyday stuff and calories you burn for exercise.

    For instance, my BMR is about 1050 calories. I use about 300 calories a day for ordinary stuff (walking to class, going up and down stairs, etc.). Then I add another 500-800 calories for exercise, depending on what I do for the day. So I need to eat between 1,850 & 2150 to maintain my body weight. It’s not exact, but it works just fine.

    And of course, if you work out these numbers for yourself and find that you are still hungry…just eat more fruit! :)

    Swayze :)

  • Stay away from WHEAT & GLUTEN!! U might have Celiac Disease. Will CHANGE your life.:) Sending Love…

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    thank you guys! BoyanaGaye; do you for sure have ciliac disease? I hope you are alright! Thank you for all the advice, I really want to do this right, you know? I want to be healthy and have a life, it can sometimes be hard to balance heath and the rest of the things we need to do?

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Gluten makes me sick, and i got tested for celiac and didn’t have it. It’s possible that even if you don’t have celiac, you could have non detectable intolerance for gluten. If you want to get enough calories eating mostly raw, it’s much easier to eat nuts and seeds and forget 80/10/10. But of course do whatever works best for your body, everyone’s different. Best of luck to you!

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