Sores at edges of lips

I’m wondering if anyone knows if a defiency might contribute to sores (like cracks) that are showing up at the edges of my top and bottom lips (where they meet). I’ve had one on the right side for about 3 weeks and now it feels like it’s starting on the left side too. Maybe there’s some raw product (homemade?) that might help!! I’ve been raw (100%—when I haven’t cheated!!) for almost a year and I’ve never had this before although I do suffer from cold sores when I eat chocolate chip cookies (like 6 at a time).


  • My husband gets those frequently, and they heal very slowly, too, so I am worried he might be deficient in something, and he is SAD without supplements so that’s most likely the case. I heal them with a salve made from Calendula infusion and Tea Tree Oil in coconut butter, you might try either one of those herbs or Lavender oil.

  • ZaZa

    Sounds like a riboflavin (B2) deficiency, my friends. If you’re vegans, then it looks like crimini mushrooms and spinach are your new best friends.…

  • Have you been eating more gourmetraw/salty stuff lately?

    I remember having these firstly after attending a course where quite a lot of the food had had nama shoyu/miso in (neither are raw, and very salty), and second time was after I’d been adding just a little more sea salt than usual to my food (shouldn’t be adding any of course!).

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