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Help in healing scar tissue

FeeFee Raw Master

Hi, Im looking for ideas of what I can put on my knee to help the skin heal. Nearly two weeks ago I went over on my left ankle and took most of the skin of my right knee (I didnt ladder my tights though!) and I was wearing sensible shoes too. The scab came off today and of course my knee is all pink and I was wondering if any one has any ideas that would help it heal better. I have been putting Aloe Vera on but only occasionally when I remember.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Oh and I fell in front of the 12-13 year olds I was about to teach, they seem to enjoy the entertainment and asked if I would be repeating it the next day. Despite the pain I got and took a bow, taught my class and then went to see the nurse to get it dressed!


  • Tea Tree oil!

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hi Fee, uh, that sounds nasty and hurtful! I dont get it why someone can laugh about that… not a nice thing.

    Anyhow, yes, Aloe Vera is certainly good, but a really good ‘healer’ in those cases is a good salve containing pure Calendula. It reduces inflammation and speeds the healing of sores. Calendula also helps prevent infections. You can get it as a creme or tincture.

    Another good plant to use is Comfrey, but ONLY externally. It does wonderful things on wounds, speeding the healing of sores and cuts, including surgical incisions. It is really good in this way, but as I said ONLY to take externally.

    The other plant I recommend is Gotu kola, proven to heal skin ulcers, surgical wounds, gangrene, skin grafts, and traumatic skin injuries. The herb works by stimulating regrowth of normal connective skin tissue that underlies the skin. To use externally soak a cotton ball and wipe over effected area. You can also drink Gotu kola. Make a tea following the instructions on the package or bottle.

    The best thing would be to wipe with either Gotu kola or Comfrey over the tissue, and when it is dry put calendula slave on it. You may cover or not the knee, depending on how the progress is, but maybe the first days, just cover it up with the creme underneath.

    Good luck and a fast healing :))

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Yes Aylee, Tea Tree oil is great for so many things and a wonderful antiseptic, but sometimes a bit irritating especially when used on fresh or just over grown wounds…

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Thanks guys for the input, Ill have a look out from Comfrey or Calendula and see what I can find. Ive never heard of Gotu kola so Ill look into that to. I begining to much prefer not putting antiseptic creams on wounds these days.

    The kids were actually very good beate, not laughing until I bowed. I find thats the best thing to do in those situations – it hurts like mad and you feel stupid but often they are as shocked as you are and need reassuring.

  • I had a nasty burn scar from accidentally pressing my leg against a motorbike exhaust pipe when I was travelling. Bio Oil really worked to reduce the scar…you can barely see it now, just a faint pink patch :)

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    I used Bio-oil after my surgery in march, the scars are very faint now. You can get bio-oil in Boots.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    owie nasty. my daughter was hit by a firework, it went up her skirt at a public event and she literally caught it in between her thighs, she was in a wheelchair for a month, i used aloe vera gel on her skin 4 times a day without fail, and she has been left with scars that remind us of watermarks on paper, not the nasty scarring she could have been left with. i would make myself remember to use the aloe vera, in conjunction with the other wonderfull advice on here, with all of them tho the emphasis is that you have to discipline yourself to remember to do it or it wont work, maybe set an alarm on your watch?, i know its a pain but its not for long and its worth it in the long run

    i want to know the make of your tights please cos i only have to look at mine to get a runner, i even became a punk years back cos my tights tore so easily it was the only way i could afford to be fashionable (joke, i was a serious punk, nooo honestly grrrrr) :P

  • mmm comfrey, gonna have to check that out. sweet!

    also, emu oil is great too..

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Dodo that sounds terrible and it is the reason why I hate fireworks displays unless Im inside. Im glad that the scarring on your daughter doesnt seem to be too bad now. I have been remembering to use my aloe vera everyday morning and night and it is looking much better now. Thank you for your help. As for what my tights were Im not sure but they were relatively thick patterned ones but not hugely expensive from either Asda (Part of Walmart) or Primark (known for cheap clothes but I guess uses sweatshop labour so I try not to shop there any more, in fact Im trying to get back to making the majority of my clothes). I find that tights either last for ages without laddering or the ladder the first time you wear them. Odd.

  • Rosehips oil and a product called Egyptian Magic (kind of pricey but goes a long way). both are available at Whole Foods Market. apply several times a day consistently for a while for best results of either one.

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