New Earthlings Movie!

“This is the single most powerful and informative movie about society’s treatment of animals. A must see for anyone who cares enough to know” - Woody Harrelson E A R T H L I N G S The film is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix. Really amazing movie.:)


  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much for posting this movie, BoyanaGaye! Indeed, everyone should see it, to wake them to shake them and to remind them! Great! And I love the voice of Joaquin Phoenix! Thanks dear :)

  • Is it possible to watch it for free somewhere online? I cannot afford to buy all of the documentaries I’d love to see.

    Although I’ve never watched the first one (out of fear and cowardice – from the things I’ve heard others mention about it, I know I would be horribly depressed and traumatized seeing some of the footage), I’d consider forcing myself to watch this one. Infact, I guess I’ll go force myself to watch the original, too. It breaks my heart and outrages me just hearing about what happens to our beautiful, sentient animals; seeing it- the fear, pain, and confusion of how we could do that to them when they only want to live and love life like us – in their eyes just makes me want to rage at the inhumanity of western-world meat-eaters. Ugh. :(

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