lentil sprouts, oh boy!!!

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Has anyone also had problems digesting lentil sprouts and sprouts of other legumes? I know that many raw foodies dont even include those into their diet because of digestion. Still, I tried again yesterday… made first a hummus like spread from sprouted chick peas and green peas. It had this raw legume taste to is, not really comfortable… so I decided to make a flat bread out of it and dehydrated it overnight. Still, a very strong after taste…

Then we’ve had really yummy black lentil sprouts yesterday in our salad. Very tasty, but not later than 30 minutes after supper my belly was blown to a 6-7 month pregnant size, not to mention the gas passing throughout the whole evening and night! It was immense, my husband did not blow up, but also had stomach and gas problems.

This happened now a few times with raw, sprouted legumes… I guess this is it then. Too bad as some taste really good! But sprouted garbanzo beans and green peas… they just did not do it for us.

Any experience and replacement for legumes?


  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Oh, and we also have some problems with the taste of raw winter squash… I tried several recipes but it just did not do it…

  • you NEED to get some Beano. its an enzyme that will allow you to digest the food. i get it at walmart pharmacy section. i dont know that it works for everyone but you should give it a try. you got nothin to lose !

  • Lentils/legumes are difficult to digest and usually cause gas, if one’s digestion is weak. The larger the seed, the more difficult it is, I read somewhere.

    Mung beans are the only beans that are considered easy to digest, and they are the best of them all. Try to add ginger, turmeric to lessen the after effects.

  • beate64, did you have any difficulty digesting lentils or other legumes when you were a SAD eater? Sprouting is supposed to make legumes easier to digest, so I’m interested if you’re experiencing MORE trouble with the sprouted raw lentils than you might the cooked version. I just bought a mix of organic sprouts that includes kamut, lentil, fenugreek and adzuki. It all sounds terribly funky, but I’m a bit concerned that they’ll cause one big stomach ache for me. After I try them, I’ll report back.

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hmm, I think we still have Beano somewhere, maybe I try it. It never helped my husband in the past, but I will give it a try. I do have a really good digestion, no problems there. Got bloated a lot on flour products and potatoes. Beans in cooked form no problem, other than the gas… sprouted grains no problem either.

    I love those lentil sprouts, but might have to pass on them, will try mung beans.

    And Sweetpea, let me know how your sprout mix goes :)) good luck and enjoy :)

    Thanks for your help! :)

  • I feel ya on the problems with digesting raw sprouted legumes. I do best with lentils and heard they are the easiest to digest if you’re going to consume raw legumes at all. Since I’m not 100% raw all the time, I’ve found that lightly steaming sprouted lentils for 5 minutes or less and then processing them with your “S” blade with mexican seasonings and a tablespoon or so of coconut oil or butter makes them perfectly digestible. Yeah for lentils!! They remind me of refried black beans. Even if you don’t want to steam them, I think that just pureeing them would make them easier to handle for you tummy…it’s like they’re already chewed :)

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