pumpkin seed from a pumpkin binding?

Does anyone know if you can eat pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin? The white kind? We baked them when I was a kid and ate them and I dehydrated some last night. I had a patient that ate a lot of unshelled sunflower seeds, A LOT!, and got a bowel obstruction and eventually had to get surgery. You wouldn’t believe the smell from this dude. I have been thinking lately that nuts/seeds are blocking me up. I made RAWvolution’s nut stuffing and it tasted great (really awesome!) but I had gut trouble after and I think it was the large dose of nuts.

So…white pumpkin seeds?


  • don't eat the shells-the white parts- just shell em first if you eat em straight outta the pumpkin- the shells are super hard on your digestive tract

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