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Im doing some research to find the best way to get some nuts into my diet without any downside (digestion problems). Nuts feels quite heavy for me so i am looking for a way to get them through without having em stuck my insides for days.

So far, it seems that eating them blended with greens (just a small green smoothie, say, of kale/walnut) would be the best? I read the cellulose from the greens will act as a ‘carrier’, bringing everything down, thus making this better than eating only walnut would or only walnut blended with water. I also thought of making a greens-walnut-lemon smoothie, as the taste would probably be better and the acid from the lemon help the HCL in the stomach needed to digest and absorb nuts well?

I also read that eating proteins with water washes away the needed digestive enzymes. How good/bad is this when it comes to nutmylks? Do they make digesting nuts and absorbing nutrients more effective or more difficult? Are people getting bloated my drinking too much or does it goes through well? (I didnt try them much myself yet.)

I’m going to experiment eating small nuts green smoothie as my last meal of the day from now… other than this im pretty much following 811.

Thanks for your help!


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    Do you soak your seeds and nuts? If not, do so. Process the seeds and nuts for: meats, pates, breads, crackers, chips, cookies, crusts, the list could go on.

    lemons are not acid in our system, but alkaline. When I needed HCL I would get pills. Now that I eat 99% raw I dont need them any more. Nut mylk as most all vegan foods is low in protein, when compared to animal protein. We were meant for a lower protein. So if you are talking about animal protein disregard it.Could it be you were reading about cooked protein? For myself, I use very little nut mylk, but when I do get a hunger for cold raw cereal and nut mylk, I have no problem digesting it.

  • I soak all my nuts and seeds. I have a problem digesting them so i try not to make any bad combination, and that’s what my question is about mostly; what combination would results in the best digestion of nuts?

    Also, i agree that lemon is alkalizing, but certainly when it gets in our stomach it is still acid, no? i don’t think it magically goes from very acid to alkaline just because it went through the esophageal.

    I was reading about the digestive enzymes needed to digest proteins in general, as it seemed to say that the same enzymes are in effect no matter if its animal protein or proteins from nuts, they were just talking about concentrated protein sources.

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