Needs Ideas Urgent

Hi everybody,

I need to prepare a rather spiffy dinner in just a few hours and have just a few ingredients. Maybe someone can help with some ideas?

Here’s what I have

One whole cocoanut soaked sunflower seeds carrots cucumbers melon squash parsley red bell peppers tehini tomatoes onions sesame seeds raisins lemons

and the assorted spices and condiments.

I don’t want to do stuffed peppers – so aside from this – anything else goes.

Thank you!



  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Could you do some sort of nori roll up? they seem to impress usually… Dodo’s sunflower sourcream with added parsley in it? Could you sprialise your squash to make noodles? so both would be like spagetti and sauce?

    What about typing each ingredient into the recipie search bit and see what comes up?

    Good luck!

  • Yes. That sounds awesome. :))) Thanks so much.. !

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Glad to be of help, let us know how it goes!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Make coconut curry soup. You could perhaps make this:

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