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The last few days there have been some posts from people who seem to think that Christians are just plain stupid and more than a few posts slandering political candidates. I am a Christian conservative and a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ so I do end up being the recipient of these posts so I thought that I would take the time to write a short response. As far as being stupid, I guess I must leave that to the individual to judge but I must say that those who know me, both liberals and conservatives don’t seem to think so because they do like to dialog with me. I don’t think that I have a closed mind as I always listen to both sides of an issue or I would not have bothered reading the posts in the first place. I have both conservative and liberal friends and I love them both. I urge each person to vote with their ballot and their wallets in the marketplace as that is what makes this country so great. In four years we can judge more clearly who was right by the results of the policies put into effect and it is my guess that it will be a mixed bag either way.

As far as the Change the World part goes, how do you think you will have any impact on the world if all you do is slander and judge people in a mean and ignorant way? We are all part of a community and when you put people down and belittle them you are cutting yourself off from community and instead just become an island of hate. If we earn our place in that community by the diligent path of love and acceptance we can truly impact our world to guide for real change. When we take time to get to know people and develop some understanding of where they are coming from they will hear you out because you have earned it. If you want change you must be the change in yourself first. What do you think that you have to give if you cannot even live it yourself? That is just empty rhetoric and idealism.

This is a practical example of what I am talking about. My adult son finally accepted the idea that GMO food with chemical additives was detrimental to his health. He hated to go the local health food store because of the way the people dressed there and the cultural differences that was evident there. Now after getting him in the door and going there all the time he seems to be relaxed in that environment. He goes in there with his camouflage clothing and they seem to like him and he seems to like to talk to them. I am sure that this change in him will benefit him and the earth. This is a beautiful change for both sides. We can have change but it has to start in our hearts everyday with our neighbors.

Ok, I have had my say. It was tempting to respond to these negative posts in a knee jerk way but there is a better path.

Thanks, Rosemary


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    thank you rosehebrew:) I’ve struggled a bit in being the loving and kind example I should be. I do often feel attacked on here(and don’t tell me I’m ‘whining’ because I’m being honest) and in some instances have reacted badly. I apologize to anyone that I have offended or been rude to. I’m working to be more like mamamilk who always puts me in awe with her thoughtful, wise posts.

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    ROSEHEBREW – Thank you for your post. I have always understood that when mankind infects the spiritual with the religious, no good comes out of it. I have seen the same thing with devout veganism. It’s like turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear, which is more regrettable than the reverse.

    Please don’t feel you are the only person who has been targeted due to your beliefs. There have been plenty of arrows shot from every camp. Those in receipt fire back to retaliate for their injuries. It has become a frequent problem. During a private conversation with another GR member I mentioned how ugly it was getting here. They concurred.

    I have come to realize that many of my fellow GR members are intolerant of and hateful toward those who disagree with their religion or food choices. I try to avoid the threads with topics regarding religion or veganism (although I cannot in good conscience shy away from discussions where religion is used to politically oppress others). It is possible to express a contrary view without personally assailing someone, but even that isn’t well tolerated here anymore. Often when someone writes a responsive post, it is clear they happened upon a phrase they didn’t like and, without reading the post, responded instead to an imaginary post that wasn’t there. The responses have been so knee-jerk and far-fetched it leads you to question their basic reading skills.

    But, you are right. We all need to work on trying to be more understanding of each other and not respond with personal attacks. I wish this problem could be as easily solved as your son exposing himself to people he may have unfairly stereotyped. In the instances I have noticed here, people seem to feel targeted by those they disagree with or classify them as an undesirable wreaking sin and destruction about (such as labeling those who are pro-choice or meat-eaters as “murderers” who take secret delight in slaughtering their prey.)

    I agree with most everything you said except for the slandering of politicians. There are special consideration for politicians due to the unique and often unwanted role they have in our lives. I regularly refer to politicians as “whores” not as much for the pejorative effect as the strict definition generally applicable to the class of persons who pass laws that injure the well-being of their people for the profit of corporations.

    It has been my experience that when most people think a politician has been slandered it is because a negative issue or fact about a politician they support has been asserted. That isn’t slander. For example, if you have minimal command of your native language and can only lead your people into poverty and war, I don’t think its slander when others refer to you as “stupid” or the lesser preferred term of “dumbass.” However, if I were to have a personal discussion with this person regarding their alleged leadership, I would never address them using those terms. I certainly could not expect to impart any consideration of my position if I used those terms, which I think is some of what you are trying to point out in your post.

    I have read and responded to many posts here that I thought were insulting and disrespectful of me as a woman and that I was undeserving of religious freedom. It takes me a long time to respond to those posts because I first write what I feel and then I edit, edit, edit. This way I can vent the frustrations I could not initially control and deliver a message that I would be willing to accept with an open mind and heart. I find that after I allow myself the opportunity to let those hurt and angry feelings out, I can quickly return to being more level-headed and compassionate toward others. That is my best effort. It works for me and perhaps others could try and see if it works for them.

    TROUBLESJUSTABUBBLE – I agree. MamaMilk is an excellent role model.

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