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What to feed foster baby!?

Hello! We have been foster parents to a 1 year old boy for 3 weeks now. He has a doctor appointment next week for his “1 year shots”. I am afraid the doc. is going to tell me to give him massive amounts of whole milk. (this has happened in the past!) I don’t think i have the freedom to say “no, not gonna do it” because he is the states child and not my biological child. So i thought it would be a good idea to go in with some kind of “plan” that says what I’m giving him that is as good as whole cows milk. Are there any other foster parents out there who have gone through this? Or any parents of one year olds that can tell me what you feed your little ones that would be equal in nutrition to cow juice? I have 2 kids of my own and we are kind of off the grid doctor wise, so this is new to me. I think feeding kids whole cow milk is stupid but I feel like I’m gonna need some “scientific facts” to back it up, for shame!


  • It has been years since I have had to worry about what to feed a baby, but can’t you buy breast milk somewhere these days? If that’s not an option have you researched green smoothies for young children? Trust me, I’m just guessing here! My kids were all raised on the traditional SAD diet unfortunately!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I can’t tell you what to feed a raw vegan toddler,(loads of moms here can do that for you!), but as far as the doc goes, lie to him. Don’t even bother with the “scientific facts”. Make sure your little one is healthy and well-fed. If you choose not to feed filth to your baby, that is not the state’s business. They only care that he is well, healthy and happy. There is no law as far as I know that forces a foster child to guzzle cow’s milk. Look, if the baby is ill, the doctor will know, regardless of what you feed him, right?

    gwenz3, you mean a “wet-nurse”, and there are some out there.

  • When my son was that age my doctor had no problem with him not drinking cows milk. He said its no big deal as long as he is getting his calcium and vitamin D from somewhere else.

  • Hey, guys n’ gals, thanks for all your encouragement :) I’m feeling more confident about it not being a big deal.

  • There will be ample calcium and protein in seed mylks, such as sesame, sunflower, pumpkin or hemp. If you’re feeding him a wide variety of homemade raw baby foods, he’ll be getting so many good nutrients from those as well, that his nutritional needs will be easily met. Hopefully, the net result for you is a happy, healthy foster baby. The doctor will have little to complain about if he’s presented with a beaming, rosy-cheeked cherub.

  • eatcake~ that child is so lucky to have you for a caretaker!!!

    My pediatritcian 41 years ago didn’t want my baby or any of his pts on cow’s juice at 12 months old… He said man was the only animal that continued to drink milk after weaning… He felt it was so unnecessary for any of us to consume milk, after weaning from the breast…

    Sure your check up will be a postive one!!! SMILE

  • I agree with TomsMom, just don’t bring it up. If you do choose to seek out breastmilk, look for your local birthing center or human milk bank. The Birth Center here in Sacramento is also a milk bank where breastfeeding women can donate extra pumped milk, although remember that these women are for the most part eating a SAD diet, so there is that to consider.

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