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Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat

“Have you ever wondered what “cage-free” or “range-free” really means? Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside some of America’s farms. Where does our food come from? (OAD 10/14/2008) (PG)”


  • Nobody on the east coast is watching this? What do you think about the woman who said, “I don’t want animals to suffer, but I don’t want human beings to suffer either.”?

  • Thanks Kait for the reminder. I just turned it on. 4 minutes in – in the midwest here.

  • I am TIVOing the Ophrah show rerun. I missed the earlier one. I am glad I am in California right now so I can vote on the Prop 2! I already have my mail ballot.:)

  • Kait: Every argument that that woman made was selfish. Humans aren’t going to suffer if they can’t eat 30 eggs and can only afford 20. In fact they’re going to be healthier without the hen menstruation as a part of their breakfast every morning.

  • Not to mention the ignorance of the pig farmer that said his pigs like their gestation crates. “They can move forward and backward and look we even provide a nipple for their water” What a great farmer I am! He’s saying they don’t know any other way of life so it is ok. DumbAss!! I was yelling at the TV the whole time any one of those people spoke. The HSUS guy was good, he didn’t take any crap from any of them and was able to rebute most of it. How can anyone look at the free range animals compared to the cage ones and not see the huge difference?

  • Im gonna step in it here a little, i did not see the show and i am an animal lover and keeper, My hens are truelly free range they have free run of my three acres they go in their coop at night, Some organic free range pastured egg farmers do have pasture for their hens and other animals this is ideal but not the norm…the reason that farmers are against prop 2 here in CA is that what they would be required to do to remain legal would actually be as horrible a life as the chickens are living now but with more carnage. Chickens kept by the thousands in huge chicken houses loose will turn on each other due to their natures and the over crowded conditions, the farmer will then cut their beaks off so they wont damage their chicken neighbors…its barbaric(common animal husbandry now by the way). while passing legislation to improve the lives of animals is truely enlightened and a small step in the right direction the reality of it is not quite the rainbows and butterflies the american consumer expects. Alot of these animals will suffer as much as now but under the guise of better conditions….. i hate to be a party pooper but im against sugar coating the reality of meat production for meat eaters. If people truely cared about what hppened to their meat before they consumed it they would seek out the farmers doing it right and only buy from them….

  • is anyone able to put this up online? i’d really like to see it.

    you know what really upsets me? when people say things like “OK LET’s SEE YOU BE A FARMER FOR A DAY! LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT. IT IS SUCH HARD WORK I BET YOU COULDN’T DO IT!”. well no sh*t i’m not gonna do it! just because it’s hard work doesn’t mean it’s ok. yes, killing and torturing and organizing hundreds of miserable animals is hard work, but hardly respectable.

    jenredthumb i’m not attacking you. though i don’t believe keeping animals for food is right, the style you farm in is very different from 99% of farming so i’m not attacking you, just replying to things i heard about the show, and what people say to me when they find out i’m vegan and am opposed to animal-farming.

  • kennyt Jenredthumb?( nooooo not an attack….) i dont farm, i dont eat my chickens,i have hens cause i like them and my hubby likes eggs….call them glorified pets if you will….i reread my post and dont want anyone understanding it incorrectly….im opposed to commercial farming, im not naive enough to believe because i dont eat meat everyone around me will find that path too, im an animal lover and would like to see REAL legislation to at least gaurantee a humane life and death for the animals that the majority of america consumes…...my point about prop 2 is that everyone is doing a happy dance and clapping their hands not understanding that the lives of some of these animals will change but not for the better..and people will be sleeping better at night and pointing to this legislation as a success….there are many sides to a story….animal husbandry is a many faceted topic…modern farming of animals is a horror show….i know, i was an animal science major in college, 20 years ago it was a horror and now it is most definitely worse…There are however farmers out there on a small scale that are doing it right….and my advice to any meat eater, milk drinker is to find that sourse for your meat and dairy…...

    now as for putting”it” up online… do you mean prop 2? google it…takes two seconds

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