freaking out about weight gain

I broke my juice feast on Sept 1 ( I made it the whole 92 days) The problem ive been noticing now is that i don’t like feeling full, but i tend to go too long w/o food, then overeat. Ive gained weight too since Sept 1 and i hate it. Im up from 121 to 132 lbs. I like the 80/10/10 approach of eating just fruit and greens but i crash and binge and then freak out about it. If i eat more fats i do better but then i eat a ton of fat and i don’t like that either. Help? I want to be back down in the 120s again and stay there. Also i lift 3x per week and do cardio 2-3x p/w for workout. The fat girl i used to be is like a monkey on my back and i want to shake her for good.


  • bubbaw, i’m sorry i have no advice to give- but i was wondering if you could share your experiences with your juice fast or direct us to a blog or something where you’ve wrote about it. i am very interested in your perspective on the experience.

  • bubbaw6- sometimes people say if they eat more fats they do better, this is usually because of calories. Fatty foods are usually more calroie dense, therefore you don’t need to consume as much to reach daily fuel necessities. Maybe your 811 approach was not giving you enough fuel for the day. You should try logging your meals, making sure your consuming enough. From the sounds of it, it seems like you are not recieving enough “fuel” aka calories from your meal. Check it out. Maybe 811 will work out for you. I roof, and work at a restaraunt, and bike/ exercise… I use to crash, I don’t anymore after I make sure I eat my daily requirements. I rage the 811rv scene :)

    Are you doing a lot of salts since you’ve been off of your juice fast? The 10bs you’ve gained may just be water weight? Don’t be too hard on yourself!

    Post your meal plan, and exercise. Let us know your lifestyle, so we can make a somewhat accurate suggestion.

    Anyways- good luck. Don’t let it get to you, you look young in your picture. You have many, many, many moons ahead of you to be were you want to be, just enjoy yourself!

  • “this has been an interesting thread for me. Im super curious about 80/10/10 and have tried to limit my fat intake, but on the days when i eat fruit and salad only i start craving sweets, like baked goods, so intensely that i binge on cooked food. I feel a bit out of control. I went 92 days w/o food but I cant make it one day on 80/10/10. I feel great and lite starting the day and into the afternoon with it, but i just hit a wall in bad ways in the late afternoon. whats that about?”

    I just read that from a previous thread. It totally sounds to me that you are not getting enough calories. If your craving sweets, you didn’t eat enough fruit! You say sweets like breads – breads are made sweet, by adding refined sugars usually. Sugars are carbs. Sweet fruits are carbs made of simple glucose / fructose chains that are easily digested by the body and utilized for fuel. Sweet fruits are loaded with fuel…. Making sense??

    Log your meals. See what you are putting into your body. After you get the hang of it, you won’t need to worry about logging. We were trained one way to live, logging your food is a great way to correct ourselves since many of us aren’t raise like this. Gotta re-program baby!

  • Thanks TOL- i do keep track of my calorie intake on I totally agree about being trained in one way to live. I still serve myself SAD portions of raw food (tiny amounts of salad or fruit) when i know i need much much more. Its a hard habit to break, kind of like the bread addiction. Any advice on how to get started? My day usually starts at 5 am. I go to the gym and either lift or do cardio. I usually grab a piece of fruit and some water on my way out the door. I come back an hour or so later, and make my food for the day. Which is usually a green smoothie or chia pudding for breakfast. A massive green salad, with veggies and sprouts that i eat out of for lunch and dinner and another veggie type side dish. I also throw in the bag some carrot sticks and a couple pieces of fruit for snacks. I then work an 8-5 desk job and depending on the day I will either go to class after or go to my second job or go to yoga/dance after work. Most days I get home at 9-10 pm. So whatever i eat in the day i gotta have pre-packed in the bag since Im never home. So there it is- looking for some balance and to get on the road finding it. Any advice is most appreciated. Ill post my juice feasting thoughts/process/results on a separate thread for you rawperasinger. Feel free to ask questions.

  • What is in your green smoothie? What is in your chia pudding (chia/water?) Do you add any salts, or oils to your salads?

    My day is sort’ve like yours. I wake up at 530am and go to work, which is roofing. 4 days a week I work a second job, which is a raw vegan gourment restaraunt. So, just like you I need to pack my food for the day. I try not to eat the food at the restaraunt, it consists of too much dehydration, nut patties, salt and other objects I try not to consume. So, I pack water and fruit for the day. I’m lucky to be able to eat the greens at my second job.

    I personally skip breakfast, I usually don’t need it. I like to give my body a little bit of time to clean itself out before I start eating again. My lunch recently been a monomeal of bananas, consisting of 15-20bananas. Like I said, I don’t eat breakfast and I roof so I need to get that fuel in! And for dinner I’ve been eating 13 mangoes plus leafy greens, and seeds here and there.

    It took me a while to be able to eat that large of meals, but it is easy now. A lot of the time I don’t eat until I am full, I eat untill I am fueled. I find that my diet is the easiest for me with my scheduele. Just peel ang go! When I work a double during the week, I don’t get home until 12am, then I need to shower and by the time I get to bed it’s almost 1. That means I get a little over 4 hours of sleep. Not healthy at all! Just trying to make some money so I can move to an area which supports my lifestyle. And whenever I don’t work a double, I’m usually bike riding or on a playground (that’s my free gym :) )

    Have you read the 80/10/10 book? You seem to be very active! That is fantastic! I would suggest a meal consisting of fruits. Greens are great, but they are not good for fuel. Greens also have a lot of indigestable features to them which store in our bodies as toxins. But we need greens for nutrients. I would actually suggest all meals consisting of fruits, but that is just my opinion. Everyone says whatever works best for you, I honostly believe Graham has outlined our “species designed” diet. So that should work best for all. He may not be excact, but pretty close.

    I would also suggest not eating before you excercise. Eat after you excercise. Your body needs as energy to digest your food. If you are using your energy to excercise, you won’t be able to properly digest your food. So try just taking water on the go.

    Remember yesterdays food, is tomorrows fuel! Somedays I’ll eat a whole lot, just to give me a head start on the next day. This is why I don’t need a breakfast.

    Check out food combining too. I’m not sure what’s in your green smoothie, but I am curious.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    it blows my mind how much we try to change ourselves to try and fit someone else’s life philosophy.

    it doesn’t sound like your diet is working for you and you are blaming yourself, not the diet.

    i tried 8.1.1 and it NEVER felt right… 1 month later, with full blown broken out face, bloated belly and such i realized i wasn’t being very fair to myself.

    moderation in anything is best. because what if someone ELSE writes a book that says fruit causes cancer (or some such illness)? a fact is only a fact until a better one comes along. but intuition is ALWAYS right, because it is always happening NOW and it comes from YOU.

    i personally do best when i am meeting my nutritional needs on the fewest calories possible. drinking a lot of water, eating when i’m hungry, and not overdoing fruit (which just makes me hungrier and hungrier).

    i hope you find the eating pattern and foods that work for you, rather than relying on someone else’s experiences or theory. remember that it takes time to be able to really listen to yourself.

    best of luck!

  • Pianissima is correct. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. Nutrition is pretty much just theory. Do whatever works best for you.

    It is amazing though. I’ve always had acne on my face, it got worse in the beggining of 811 but quickly left and have never had a clearer in my whole life. Also, 811 completely got rid of my bloated belly. I personally couldn’t do the few calorie deal because I’m working 70-75 hours a week (day off today!!!) on average and I had no energy trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle with minimum calories. Thats just me though, what do i know?

  • Brava, pianissima.

  • my green smoothie is usually an apple, frozen banana and kale. I sometimes do a spoonful of vitamineral green and maca in it. The chia pudding is something similar. 1 banana, water, 1 date, dulse, maca, and vitamineral with chia seeds. That will usually keep me going until lunch. Greens seem to keep me grounded, plus i crave them if i dont have them. I usually put a dressing on my salad. I dont like a lot but i do need some. I put a mango salsa on it the other day and that was about the tastiest thing ever. I do make flax crackers on occasion (mmm) and I love zucchini hummus (my new fav, although i admit to binging on it). Ill start hitting the gym on just water, and fuel up after, and see how that works for me. Where are you looking to move, TOL? Im looking to go somewhere too where the term vegan is not confused for a dirty word.

  • mmmm mango dressing… During my transitioning stages to 811 I use to make a mango tomatoe dressing. I might have to make that soon, it was sooooo tasty!

    I plan on moving to a tropic area where I can work to live, not live to work. I agree with your comment about the term vegan. It is widely misunderstood. It’s amazing how if people realized what they were doing to the planet, how better we would all be. For some odd reason there is a food crisis going on, we have so much land for food! Why are we wasting it to feed animals that are mis treated just so we can eat them and WASTE 90% of the energy that it took to make them?? And we are the strange ones. lol

  • ooh what did you put in your mango tomato dressing? I dream of being someplace where i could pick a ripe mango, banana, avocado off of the tree and eat it then and there. mmmm. But in the here and now, nothing beats ohio grapes, apples and cherries.
    I agree with you pianissima on changing to someone else’s philosophy- but in the past i have used other peoples philosophy’s as a catalyst to get myself unstuck. Im stuck right now and wanting to find balance and i appreciate the love and support of this community- thanks all so much. :)

  • Mango and tomatoe, thats it! Simple, and awesome. I’m not sure the ratio, it was close to 1:1 mangoes:tomatoes.

    That is my goal. Pick fresh mangoes, bananas, jackfruit, melons, etc.. Just eat at the tree and then leave, or if I absolutely had to, I would bring some home :) Are you picking your apples, cherries and grapes??

    Yes, using other peoples philosphy to create your own is the way to go. Sometimes we have to see different ideas, figure out what works for us, untill we can feel confident to do something new. Good luck on writing your own!

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