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A RAW Thanksgiving


Hey guys,

I have been invited to Thanksgiving at my friends’ parents house and they are very very SAD. I usually just eat fruit/simple salads, as I am 811rv, but I’m ready to pull out all the stops and make a raw feast to add to the food at the Thanksgiving event. Raw dishes that SAD lovers might enjoy.

Any ideas? This will be my first raw Thanksgiving. My friends mom just got diagnosed with cancer and I feel like I really want to make a good impression with raw food so that she might consider going raw for her health.

Any help appreciated..I have never really uncooked gourmet raw food before to the degree that I am envisioning.


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    Hello there! would you have access to a blender and food processor? If so, you could make a simple pumkin soup (im sure there are recipes on this site) or a pumkin pie, as pumkins are in season?

    I eat simply aswell, so me and my fam. are ordering a big box of organic exotic fruits, including young coconut (YUM!) so perhaps you could bring along an exciting new fruit for them to try or something… i don’t knpw, sorry im not that much of a help! :P

    Good luck!


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I am mostly fruitarian too. A small part of my diet consists of raw cultured nut cheeses and nut ice creams, cookies, etc. Why not try bringing a big raw pumpkin pie, made with a crusty spicy sweet sugary crust and creamy pumpkin? Sure she would love that! Bring a huge salad with olive oil-vinegar dressing, avocado, etc. You could make cookies if you have a dehydrator and ice cream too without sacrificing your fruitarian diet too much. Bring some raw chocolate, made with raw cacao butter, see here and here and of course a good raw sweetener.

    I know this my seem expensive, but it could really make your friends happy and help provoke her to do more raw!

    I am piling a huge list of holiday recipes, by the way, so in the next few weeks check out my profile.

    If you have any mechanism of dehydrating, you make want to make some raw cookies. You just need to soak some nut/seeds, grind them with a little coconut oil and your favorite sweetener, and shape them with a cookie cutter if you want and dehydrate them.

    Ice cream is a really cool bet. Get some young coconuts and blend the meat with some raw cashews and agave, and vanilla/chocolate/etc till completely smooth. Place in pint-size containers and stir in the freezer every 20 minutes.

    Get creative, look on this site for some neat recipes! You’ll be very pleased if you haven’t dug into the recipe section much.

  • How about a yummy stuffing? Crumble your fav non-flax bread and add a thick broth made of water, Kal brand nutritional yeast (Kal tastes like chicken), poultry seasoning or your fav spices. Then dehydrate until it’s crusty on top. It’s my favorite meal right now. I know it’s not 811 but it might be very attractive to a non-raw person. I make a slightly sweet essene bread for this and it tastes awesome! It’s Essene #2 from Juliano’s Raw. If you want the recipe let me know. Good luck!

  • Moth – I brought down one raw dish and 2 raw desserts for a Thanksgiving dinner which was 2.5 hours south in Western Mass last year. Two of the recipes I got from this website. Nothing I made was super gourmet and everything had straightforward, easy-to-find ingredients:

    Apple Cobbler http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/1201-Yummy-Apple…

    Cheesy Broccoli Salad (this is awesome!) http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/264-Broccoli-Salad

    I also made a pecan pie that turned out great from Alissa Cohen’s book. Tasted like the real deal!

    All the above recipes passed the test of some very picky and older SAD eating folks. I didn’t even tell people my food was raw (a few friends new but most didn’t) and got a lot of compliments on my food.

    I’m hoping to find some more fantastic raw recipes for Thanksgiving as I’d like to bring down some new raw dishes/desserts again. I’m thinking of Matthew Kenney’s raw pumpkin cheesecake that’s probably the best raw food I’ve ever eaten and possibly the best dessert I’ve ever tasted…well..maybe an exaggeration but it’s amazing! Do a google search and it’s gotta be out there. I believe it’s in his new book. I got it from an e-book full of Thanksgiving recipes last year from various raw food chefs.

  • Moth – do you have Eating Without Heating by Victoria’s kids, Sergi & Valya (sp?). There is a stuffing recipe and even a turkeyless turkey recipe. I also believe they have a ‘mashed potato’ recipe. I haven’t tried these yet so not sure how they taste. Their recipes are pretty straightforward, simple and lovely.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Here is the link to a mock turkey recipe. I’ve made it and liked it alot. http://www.fromsadtoraw.com/Recipes/MockTurkeyL… I also make a pear cranberry relish that I always take to Thanksgiving, even before I was raw. It is dried cranberries, a chopped pear, sliced green onion, lime juice, agave and grated ginger.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    A wild rice salad might be nice too. There are a couple on this site. And, Matt Amsden’s book Rawvolution has a recipe for stuffing. I also posted a zesty carrot salad recipe, I think it will be good for Thanksgiving. I am going to take it this year.

  • This is what I’m doing for thanksgiving:

    I’m making a fruit platter (Apples, mangoes, peaches, pears, a few others) and putting a fruit sauce for dipping in the middle. Most likely it will be raspberries, who knows. I plan on mangoes and apple sauce for my main meal, with an addition to greens.

    I also might make some raw gourmet items to shock my family that I can make so SAD like meals. I probably won’t do anything intense, just because I hate spending time prepping. I might just make some chocolate fudge brownies because they ares so freaking simple with 3 ingredients!

    Moth, if you want in recipes or need to borrow me dehydrator let me know. I can get recipes from the OG and I never use my dehydrator..

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    TOL, I would love your 3 ingredient brownie recipe!

  • me too! I woud like to know you’re three ingredient brownie recipe.

    *I’m glad someone posted up about thanksgiving, this year ill be spending the partial day with my italian side and you know how food and italians go, especially on thanksgiving.

    the fruit platter is a fab idea, I’m thinkin of addin in a young coconut, and tossing it all in their.. mmmm delicioussss—-o!

  • meloe – walnuts, dates and cacao powder thrown into a food processor will make tasty brownies (a bit oily but still delicious and authentic tasting!). Jennifer Cornbleet’s book has a recipe like this and she uses a little vanilla extract. Don’t know the exact measurements of ingredients off hand. SAD eaters love these brownies! Even the construction workers who built our garage last fall/winter gobbled up plates of these brownies :-)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Someone also just posted (recently, within the last 2 weeks or so) a raw meatloaf recipe and it was a rolled meatloaf with spinach stuffing. looks delicious and i might be trying it this weekend. If i do, i’ll let you know! Joyce, I’d love to try the pecan pie recipe you were talking about. Do you mind emailing it to me? carriegraf at gmail.com Thanks!!!

  • carrie6292 – sure I’ll send you the recipe. I don’t have the book here at work but I’ll send it from home either this week or by the weekend the latest (whenever I fire up my laptop at home which is sporadic sometimes)

    Is this the meatloaf recipe you’re referring to?


    This looks wonderful and it’s been in my recipe box for a while. Been meaning to try this one!!

  • carrie6292 – I just sent you the recipe via email. Let me know if you didn’t receive it. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    Would love to discover a new and wonderful side dish to take down for this year’s Thanksgiving. Still on the search and looking forward to anyone else’s recommendations.

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