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ok, so I want to try and make kombucha. Where do you get scoby? I have never heard of it. Please help… Thanks!


  • anyone? I finally found a place to get it online…but I’d rather buy it locally if possible.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    My roommate brews it so I get it free :) But occasionally I buy some raw flavored kombucha from my local health food store. I can’t remember the brand name but I have seen it at other stores, Whole Foods should carry it, you will likely find it next to the Odwala and other Super Food drinks.

    You should research how to brew kombucha online. The raw kombucha they sell in the store has the cultures in it, so you can easily strain them out to get your starter culture. Once you have that it’s pretty easy from what I know.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Ruby Laine, there is a place on the web to find kombucha scoby locally. I forget what it is but I know I can look for it, you can google kombucha exchanges and see.

  • Caleb – I do have some of the store bought. You are telling me I can start it from that? Obviously, I have never done this before. I will research this more thanks!

    Harmonylia – thank you for the link. The nearest free culture is about 3 hrs from where I am. But its interesting to know that I can get them for free.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I bet Caleb is talking about Synergy brand since we shop at the same store! I love it. I have thought about making it, but am a bit nervous about drinking something that I fermented at home.

    Caleb-does your roommate’s homebrew carbonated? I bought some that a place in Austin makes and it is but not as much as the commercially produced.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Yes, Synergy is it. http://gtskombucha.com/

    And yes, you can start with the cultures in the Synergy drink. The stuff my roommate brewed was started from the small cultures at the bottom of a store bought drink. The stuff grows fast. The culture he has now is HUGE. He recently cut off a big chunk and gave it to somebody else.

    Daniefon, I am pretty sure it is carbonated. I think it carbonates naturally when put into a jar.

  • My boyfriend just finished his first batch (ginger, goji, pom) and it turned out great. It started to fizz after he bottled it. He got the scooby or the start, from a co-worker and used this site for directions: http://alucidspoonful.blogspot.com/2008/03/art-... Good luck! If you are near Seattle we could give you a scooby/culture blob!

  • Sorry for the double post, my computer won’t let me delete it. Is it scoby and not “scooby”? oops ;)

  • Thanks, but I am in NY. I am going to do what Caleb suggested since I have a bottle of store bought in my fridge. When did you add the ginger, goji, and pom? Do you add it when you bottle it and do you let your bottles sit out a few days before you put it in the fridge? Thanks for your help!

  • ruby – he let it ferment in the big jar for about a month, then put it in bottles with goji berries, ginger juice (we juiced it at home), and juiced poms added to the bottles. He left it in the closet a couple more days like that and then put it in the fridge. But I think as soon as you bottle and cap it i think it will get fizzy, so you might not need to leave it out longer. Where in NY? I am from Albany/Saratoga originally and Alex is from Goshen then Brooklyn.

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