Glass or Stainless?

Hi everyone – Im starting a juice fast next week, and I plan on juicing morning and night. My problem will be mid day. I was planning on just bringing some juice to work with me for the afternoon – but ive read so many conflicting reports on what to put the juice in. Plastic is right out, obviously. Some people are recommending glass jars, others say a stainless steel thermos is the way to go. Does anyone have any experience on what works best? Thanks!


  • I recently found out that my polycarbonate bottles are no good so I am in the same situation. I thought that I would buy some mason jars to store my juice or smoothie in the fridge and stainless to bring to work with me ( won’t break with the handling and car ride ). I not quit sure if there is any oxidation reaction from the stainless. I also would love any info on this.

  • Just curious…what is wrong with polycarbonate bottles? I thought these were good because there is no leaching as there is with plastic. Oh well I guess, because I can’t afford $17 each for the tiny stainless steel water bottles.

  • Sara, my healthfood store just stopped selling polycarbonate bottles ( which actually are plastic )I asked why and they told me that studies since 1998 have shown a dangerous chemical that leaches with hot water, harsh detergent,freezing or scratches ( I can’t remember the chemical ). They even had two articles on it that they let me read. I guess I’m inclined to believe the articles since it is a petroleum based product. I looked at some stainless bottles online and yes, they are expensive. Maybe an old fashioned thermos would work.?

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