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Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

Ok I may be a little off my rocker tonight. I need a voice of reason.

I just had to get out of bed. I was laying there and the bed would tap when I would move and I thought it strange because it usually does not do that. and then I really got scared, the tapping was starting to be in a pattern just like when I would be tapping my fingers on the table when I would be bored and someone would always smack my hand to knock it off. and I was laying there and trying to be so still and it kept going and then would change to a different theme for a bit. Ok sorry I am alone right now and cant go back into the bedroom. I have also been laying in bed very still and feel it move several times and No it was not like when we had the rare earthquakes.

Please someone send me the voice of sanity. I need to know what may have done it and why it was in such a distinct pattern. I have lived here for almost two years and had this bed for almost ten.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    btw the bed moving was on other occasions and not tonight tonight was just he freaking tappin

  • Hey Blue Eyes. Perhaps it is a squirrel or field mouse or critter in your attic, gutter, outside a window, etc that is making the noise either eating something, chewing on something, etc.

    Also, keep in mind, how awesomely powerful our minds are! Your thoughts will feed what you think is reality when it may not really be. A perfect example os the “Placebo Effect” so many people have proven over and over. Theirminds convince their bodies to feel better and symptoms to disappear when they simply believe they have taken some sort of medicine when in reality they only got a “sugar pill.” So as far as the bed moving, I would think it is your mind convincing you that you felt the sensations.

  • Pray. and make sure the cat hasn’t crawled inside the bottom mattress. Ours used to do that. :)

  • Do you have any trees near your house? The rythmical tapping sound could have also been the wind or breeze getting a tree’s branch or leaves to gently tap against the side of your house or roof.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    the tapping was like the military type tap cant explain it in just words. the good thing is my daughters cat seems to think everything is normal. Maybe I just was still dreaming or something. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if anyone comes out of the bedroom

    funny thing is when I realized the pattern I sat up and turned on the light and it stopped and I would try to make the bed tap and couldn’t get it to do it.

    I am still so freaked my hair feels like it is standing on end

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    nope no trees and the cat is not allowed in the bedroom we only have one tree and it is at the opposite side of the house.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Maybe my subconscious is finally catching up with the lizard idea and playing tricks on me. Fear coming in as a dream. Man it was so real. Even tho I cannot hear your voices it makes me feel better a since of normalcy to talk to you guys

    Still I will be up for awhile!!!

    thanks for listening to a dreaming lunatic!!!

  • Ok. Is there a possibility that there could be a field mouse (or mice) or a squirrel or something in your attic? It’s very common for them to be able to chew a small hole in siding, wood, or anywhere there might be a weak psot or beginning hole and scrape in and out and make a home. They love the shelter that inside attics and soffits provide. And they are very sensitive creatures as far as a light switching on will cause them to freeze what they are doing out of isntinct of being perceived by their prey.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    It is always possible for something to get up there. But it sure sounding like it was coming from under the bed. Classic bedtime horrors the monster under the bed lol!!

    When it first started it was just normal tapping that you might hear if a slat on the bed was funny and it would do it when I moved too and I was thinking that needs to be fixed. but I was just laying there still when the rhythm started. I heard it several times before it dawned on me the pattern thats when I freaked out.

    I think I need to give up tea!! wow

  • :) I know what you mean. I think I go through a day or so of shock sometimes when I learn of some things that seem so “out there,” yet make the pieces all fall together so well. I think it has sunk in, only to realize a few days later how in shock I still must have been in the previous day(s), looking back.

    Learning some things so far out of our “normal” paradigm of what we’ve been taught is fact and/or reality growing up (what our parents were taught, and their parents, and so on for numerous generations now) can be really upsetting untilwe figure out how to let it help us somehow. (And that can be in however way you choose to find a “silver lining’ to knowing the information. Perhaps it will just be in “knowing that you know now and glad you are not in the dark anymore.”) Listening to Tolle’s audio cd’s helped re-ground me to what I am capable of and that I do have a choice in what I let “control” me, to a great degree. Learning many of the things I have, in many instances, brought about more questions, so searching – reading books, reading internet sites, watching documentaries, researching what I could, etc, helped give me more and more bits to fill in and consider.

    Something else that helps me is learning about Steven Hawking’s research on the Universe and Quantum Physics and how it does totally support and say what Icke was saying in the third section of The Matrix video- about the holographic nature of Nature, of EVERYTHING, our universe… everything we think is real. Atoms are 99.9% empty space. Our world, our bodies, our universe, everything is literally mostly all empty space NOT solid matter at all. Holographs.

    Here is a website that has many fascinating interviews with scientists, philosophers, and different people who have powerful, uplifting, and empowerging information. You have to register and create a password in order to view the iterviews, but it is completely free and they will not send you any junk emails out – only the one confirmation at the very beginning that you joined. I have been there for a couple of years now and have never received any emails at all other than that. Many many uplifting, amazing interviews.


    (also www.Ted.com has some intersting and varied videos, just not quite as focused on only bringing all positive messages like the CMN does.)

    These sites/interviews can be good to take your mind off things that are bothering you and also give yo the bonus of having learned something new and hopefully helpful, too, afterwards.


  • Ok, do you have a baseent or crawlspace? If so, could a critter have possibly found a way in underneath your bedroom or near enough there, so the sound could be coming from underneath?

    Also, in our fire station, the plumbing pipes actually make a rythmical “tapping” like noise sometimes. but it’s a kind of quick tapping. (The pipes that make the noise are right over our heads where we normally sit in the living room area so it’s a pretty weird sensation.) It freaked me out the first time I heard it. Had no idea what it was. I don’t know exactly why it does it, something maybe to do with what we call a water hammer in the fire service, when you shut off a fire hose too fast and the water slams up against the nozzle and then pump itself because of the pressure having no where to go- it happens when a toilet gets flushed or something, but not all the time. Did you have a washer, dishwasher, toilet, ?, running or finishing up?

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Well I do have the furnace on tonight I had the windows open today and it started getting really cold so I turned it on to take the chill off. Maybe that was it.

    My husband had told me that he has felt the shaking too. But said he had watched a show on it and that it has to do with us doing in subconsciously don’t remember the reason for it. It was weird because I had felt it many times before he brought it up.

    I feel pretty silly now but when I first got up I was so freaked out. My daughter is finally home from work and she is laughing at me when I told her she could not leave tonight!!

  • haha! Tell her she owes you for many a night you satyed with her as a young’n who was scared of the dark?? ;)

    Wow, so considering it may have been your subconscious mind… pretty powerful mind you have there! ;) And if that was subconscious- – wonder what else you could bring about by consciously focusing on something you do desire?! :)

    I’m glad you feel better and that your daughter is home for you. Don’t beat yourself up. You are not silly or stupid. You’re human. Maybe it’ll turn into some kind of neat lessen or opportunity, who knows?

  • Blue_Eyes,

    FWIW, in my experience those little rodent-type animals can be amazingly sensitive to our changes. There have been mice in my house that make their creepy noises when I’m in bed under the covers and then when I open my eyes and listen they stop.

    If there were a ghost, your cat would be going nuts. I vote for pipes, varmints, or some other house noises.


  • Sometimes I hear weird sounds I almost always find out it is the cat moving something or playing with something like the closet door.

    But if the bed is actually shaking (how much is it shaking – like the Exoricist?)...hmmm, yeah that would freak me out. But if I am already scared I tend to feel weird things that aren’t actually happening either – like I think I feel someone sit on the bed and no one is there. It is amazing how we can freak ourselves out.

    I stayed in a Haunted Hotel once and because I knew it was supposed to be haunted I totally kept thinking someone was touching me in my sleep or I hear someone breathing heavily or I saw a face in the window. Of course I got out of it alive but I will never stay there again. :)

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    You know what’s strange? This used to happen to someone I know. The slight sound would come from around the bed. You’ll never guess what it was. His heartbeat! It would almost shake the bed when he would lay there still and the ornament sitting on top of the shelf over his bed would make this little knocking sound to the beat of his heart. This only happened when he took his lamp off of his bed shelf which I guess was holding the bed down firm. Strange but true.

  • I had a boyfriend once who’s sister’s bed got shook. Eventually the family, the mom, said “please go away…you are scaring us!” and it left. This had gone on for many months and some monks who’d she’d asked said to do this. I listen to a lot of paranormal radio and they all say to tell them to go “into the light.” They say things do disturbing things to get your attention, not to hurt you. Dont mean to freak you out more, but if it’s not a mouse or your heartbeat….

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Hmmmm….never experienced bed shaking, but I did live in a very strange house once.

    We were renting a house that had 4 bedrooms but 2 of them at the end of a hallway felt really bad and I don’t usually get freaked out by things. We couldn’t even walk into them, so we closed the doors on those rooms and the house felt fine like that, but even outside in the yard felt bad next to those rooms.

    By chance I had a conversation with a lady in town one day (I didn’t know her prior to this meeting) anyway she mentioned what valley she lived/rented in (we are in a rural area) and I said that we had rented a place there a few years before.

    It turned out to be the same house…without any prompting from me, she said in almost a whisper, “Did you find something really weird about the house.” She was very relieved when I said yes and identified those 2 rooms, she shuddered a bit and agreed that it was those rooms. She had thought she was going a little crazy.

    It is one time when I wish that houses could talk, but I’m not sure I would want to hear the story. It was a creepy house.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Thanks everyone, I made it to morning alive LOL

    Went back to bed and nothing else happened all night. Just dreaming or my imagination I guess. Or the furnace It has been awhile since It was on.

    Whatever it was it was soooo real. I tried to make it tap by shaking it but couldn’t. I was to big of a scardy cat to check under the bed hehee

    Going to work now only two days left. gee maybe my mind was using that as a way to show fear about all the changes I am making. Hmm

  • Blue_Eyes -

    Okay, I do not usually share and I could be completely off base here…so just ignore my entry if it makes no sense to you.

    There are spirits and there are earthbound (known as ghost). The presence I feel around you is a spirit. A loved one. It is a male and it is interesting that you used soldier to describe the tapping. He does have a military feeling to him. Strong man. He knows you and your husband, but feels more connected to you. It feels like you guys were good friends. There is a brother-like relationship between you and him. But there is also a sense of a father like relationship…a feeling that he protected you or watch out for you. His name seems common like David, Matt, or John. It is a simple name. He means no harm, just wants to let you know he is there. Watching over you. You can tell him to stop and he will. He just wanted you to know he was around you. A guardian angel in a sense. Just wants you to know he loves you and is there for you.

    If this freaks you out or sounds crazy just ignore me. I really do not share, too many people think crazy. You and your husband will know who I am describing. Listen to truth within your heart.

    Cares experience on the other hand was a male earthbound.

    BTW, my Father comes to visit our family once in awhile. At first it really freaked me out, but then I realized he just wanted to let be know he was there for me. Every once in awhile he will make a distinctive tapping sound on our ceiling fan just to say ‘Hello’. Our fan usually makes no noise. We have also encountered the strong fragrance of flowers for unexplained reasons. I have come to realized it is a blessing to know I have loved ones around me and my family. Christmas Eve has become an exciting time for my family, because my Father usually tends to do something special for us.

    A friend of mine also passed the night before Valentine’s Day. He came and shook our bed…to say good-bye. His way of letting me know.

    Peace and Love!

  • Personally I am not offended by it but rather amazed. I don’t recall ever having other worldly encounters but I certainly would be open to it. I know they are there maybe I am just not perceptive enough to it although I want to think I am open to it.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    simplyraw that is so cool. well we live in my husbands parents house his adopted dad was really cool he did die in this house about 5 years or so from lung cancer. He does have a simple name Andy, and he was a marine in Vietnam.

    Could he also be the one that shakes the bed? I always liked him alot he was a very nice and funny guy. He is greatly missed

    You said he wants to let me know he is here for me. exactly what does that really mean??

  • Blue_Eyes – Yes, he is the same one who shakes the bed. You asked what does it mean…he wants to let you know he is here for you and your family. That he loves you. You and your family are not alone. You are loved.

    You asked what does it really mean?? You do not walk through this journey (called life) alone. You do have loved ones by your side. Sometimes, our loved ones can see upcoming events in our lives that we might not be aware of yet. Good things and some things that might be difficult for us to experience. Our loved ones just like to remind us that they are there. In regards, to the good they see coming they like to let us know they are excited and happy for us. In regards, to the difficult times, they like to remind us that they are there, it is going to be okay, and that they love us. Will you know which experience your loved one is refering to…you probably won’t until you are actually experiencing it.

    However, I should mention that in your recent and past experiences…he has just been desperately trying to let you and your husband know he was around you guys. Desperately been trying to get your attention to let you know he was there.

    I find myself feeling blessed to know my Father is around me and my family. However, when I do experience difficult times in my life…it is hard. Do not misunderstand, I love that he let’s us know he is here and loves us…but during those difficult times…sometimes I just wish he was here in the physical form, so I could cry into his shoulder. But then life moves on, we get through the difficult moments in life, and then I remember…he had to go, so I could go the direction I was meant to take in life. Love.

  • RubyLaine – I think what it is… is that most of us do not know how to identify the signs. For example…just by the image/thought of someone (who has passed) you loved or knew coming to mind…this is another avenue taken to let us know they are right there with us. They are around us.

  • SimplyRaw- Wow. Thank you. I am speechless. That you would care enough and are courageous enough to share such beautiful and thought-expanding information like that is just so amazing. Thank you- isn’t enough, but is all I can say.


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