Seizure & detox?

CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

Hi all, Last night I had a seizure, my third, but the other two happened about 5 years ago. My twin sister is prone to them, but I am not. Anyway, I don’t want it to happen again and I have a slight suspicion I may have somehow brought it on. First, I finished a 3-day water fast more than a week ago and that was fine. Now for the last two days I’ve been having green smoothies with A LOT of the following: chlorella (1 heaping tbsp), spirulina (1heaping tbsp), billberry (1heaping tsp), grapeseed extract (1heaping tsp), maca (1tsp). I don’t often take these but when I do the amounts are MUCH smaller. I just found out I can’t take any of this stuff with me when I move (I’m doing a cargo shipment), so I’m gonna have to throw it out, so I figured I’d consume as much as I can before moving. Could I have caused my body start detoxing and dumping too fast, thereby leading to eletric overdrive in the brain? I really wanted to finish at least some of this stuff off, but not if it means I’ll be having more seizures. Thanks for the advice. :-)


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Seizures are not a sign of detox. I don’t know if you have epilepsy, but you should be seeing someone if you’re having seizures.

    On the side, I get an increase in seizures if I refrain from fats and fatty foods.

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