blood shot eyes

okay, my eyes are seriously always bloodshot, no matter how much sleep I get. They don’t feel dry, although they are very sensitive to light, and I always wear huge sunglasses when outside. I also drink tons of water during the day. The doctor looked at them and never sees anything wrong. I don’t want to put drops in all the time, but if there was one to pick, which is the most natural? All of the ones I ever see at the store that say “natural” don’t have very natural ingredients lol!


  • How is your vit.C foods. and try high amounts of carrot juice. For some time I had to drink high amounts of carrot juice and my slightly blood shot eye problem cleared up.

  • ZaZa

    mmm…cut computer time? sometimes the simplest solution is the right one…

  • mine start getting red and dry if I don’t get enough greens in…in fact I fixed my chronic dry eye which doctors couldnt explain/didnt see a problem by eating greens…

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